Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The kids and I went to the rodeo while it was in town this weekend. Pablo was interested in going and I thought the kids would enjoy it. We were lucky enough that one of the rotarians gave us some tickets, so we got to go for free.

I took a lot of pictures of the bucking broncho's, I think some of these are bare back and some are saddled up. Click them to make them big.

It was kind of a mixed experience. It was great to watch most of it, but it was kind of slow. Lots of downtime, or stuff the kids did not like watching. My kids were not into the calf roping, they were quite worried that the animals would be hurt. They were not fond of the steer wrestling as well for the same reason. I explained that the animals are not hurt, but they felt it looked as if they were. It was sweet.

We waited all night for the bull riding and then when it finally started there were only three bull riders and that was a little disappointing. I think the broncho's were my favorite, I got a kick out that part.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Project

Shannon asked me what I have been knitting lately. The answer to that is sadly nothing. I don't know why but for some reason I have not picked up the needles in three weeks or so. I have been pretty bagged at the end of the day, I have been working on our year end accounting and I have been so sucked into the Summer Olympics that I can't even knit while I watch it.

I bought this kit when I was in Kelowna for the family reunion. I really like the pattern and thought the yarn would go with almost anything. It is a little washed out in this picture.

Here is the pattern. It is the Celtic Vest by Fleece Artist. The yarn is 65% wool and 35% silk. The vest in knit sideways in one piece and is reversible. It is worked from two balls of yarn at the same time, in ribbed stitch pattern. It has no buttons or zipper, it is closed with a shawl pin ((I am going to need one of those). I was hoping to start it today, but it looks like it might be Friday's project.

We have been having fun with Pablo. He seems to be settling in well. The kids have fallen in love with him already. He is game to go to the park and ride bikes with us, he gets down in the floor and plays cars with Q and Legos with all of them. He helps out around the house any time you ask and sometimes when you don't.

He is looking forward to meeting some kids his age which should happen this weekend. He is going on a day trip with some of the Rotarians that have kids his age.

Tonight we introduced him to hockey. We went out and watched Paul play. I can't believe how much he has improved since I saw him play last time. Pablo showed a lot of interest in the game, and is ready to learn to ice skate.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Paint (cont.)

In Paul's spare moments he has been on a ladder with a paint brush in his hand. He seems to be very busy these past few weeks. He is still getting together with the Brain Trust once a week for the development of the Welcome back clinic.

We are very busy at the office and are seeing a wonderful amount of growth. We are adding another Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in September and there is talk of even more growth on the horizon. We are outgrowing our space but won't be ready to look into a building of our own for another 2 years or so. We are considering looking for a larger space to rent for the next couple of years. Things are moving fast for us on a professional level and that is keeping Paul and I on our toes.

I have been working on our accounting and getting our year end wrapped up for our accountant. Lots of time on the front room floor with papers piled around me and th ten-key clicking away. I am thinking I will have that all wrapped up by the end of the week.

I think I got side tracked there. Here is what the outside of the house looks like today:

We are excited to be having a rotary exchange student; Pablo from Ecuador; to be joining our family on Sunday. I am sure you all remember Marianna (who we still keep in contact with) Marianna if you read this post give a shout out to us, we miss you! who is from Brazil. We also had Alex from Australia stay with us when PJ and Bass were babies and Q was not even born yet.

We have done a bit of rearranging to give him some space of his own. I decided to see my big weight set downstairs and was thinking of using the room downstairs for storage or a craft room. When we found out we got to be a host family for Pablo, we decided he might want to be downstairs for a bit of privacy and we would not double up our kids upstairs.

Deb gave us Layne's old bed for SeaBass and SeaBass's bed went downstairs for Pablo. I know it looks a bit plain down there now, but I figure once he moves in he may want to move things around or add things to make it his own space. I have given Pablo and his family a link to this blog so if you are reading, don't worry the doll house down there still needs to be moved, we won't leave it there for you!

Here are some pictures of the inside of the house, this one is a bit washed out but I think you get the idea of how the paint came out. (Whoops, one picture, I meant to post more but must have missed one)

And a few of Grandpa George doing an experiment with the kids while he and Grandma Judy were here.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Family Reunion

We spent this last weekend at a family reunion on Paul's side of the family. It was the first one in many years. Aunt Colleen and her wonderful husband Darryl were kind enough to host it at their place. (both pictured below) It was a blast. I tried to get a good face shot of everyone there, don't worry I wont show them all to you!

Paul's dad is one of 6 children and 5of them made it to the reuinion, what a great turn out. Of course George and Judy made it up for the occasion and have stayed on with us for the rest of the week. It has been a great visit and we will be sad to see the go Saturday morning. Below is Paul's sister Jodie, she was at the reunion and followed on to our house for two nights as well. We don't get to see enough of her.

Here is one of Aunt Colleen's children Cory (Paul's cousin) with his nephew Logan. Logan is cute as a button and comes complete with his own language. He speaks Loganese, jabbers constantly with only a few words you can understand, the amazing thing is he somehow makes sure that you know what he is talking about. It makes you laugh till you burst.

Uncle Lee, one of the bothers. A kind man who the kids seem to adore. Every time he sits down either Logan or Q jump into his lap.

Here is Aunt Jackie, I think she is the oldest of the 6 siblings. There is a strong family resemblance isn't there.

And one shot for the road: I think you know everyone in this picture. It catches a bit of the chaos that seems to be my children these days. Lots of Fun!!