Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick Like a Bunny

I only have a few minutes with Paul's computer before he is off to work and it with him, please bear with any typos and what not I don't know if I will have time to spell check or anything. He told me mine would be out for one week, but when I asked him about it he has changed his answer to two! Annoying.

I can send you somewhere where you can find more entertainment than you can here on my almost blog. Go and see Leanna: start here and then go here. She left for an amazing bike trip across Canada. We were honoured to have her start right here from our house on the morning of May 22, 2007. You really should check out her blog, she will be doing her best to share her adventures with us while she is on the road. She is a damn good writer so it promises to be entertaining.

And she's off:

Paul is hovering around me and making me nervous. I will try to get some computer time this evening, I want to read your blogs and see what you are up to and I would like to post some more photos for you. I am off to a meeting with Grandma Helen's doctor, I will let you know how that goes.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I am tired of waiting for my computer to come home from the tech. I have finally taken matters into my own hands and taken Paul's computer for a little while, he can sweat it out while I get some blog reading and writing done.

I will start you off with our camping trip, which was great fun. We were so busy having fun that I forgot to take pictures and the few I did take did not come out very well. The campground itself is not to fancy, but it is on a 9 hole golf course and your camping includes all the golf you like. the facilities include really nice washrooms with hot showers (that you don't have to pay for) and flush toilets.

Here are some pictures of the drive up there, it was only about 1 and 1/2 hours pulling the trailer.

This is Trophy Mountain, which keeps watch over you as you golf and roast marshmallows by the fire.

This picture cracks me up:

We did some golfing with each of the kids, sometimes I would go and do three or four holes with PJ or Quentin and other times Paul would take one of them out. During the golf tournament (barking cow golf tournament) Sebastian drove our golf cart (we only rented one for the day so he could drive us around) and PJ and Q stayed at camp and played with Judy.

The campground is surrounded by rivers (I lost 5 golf balls on one hole alone to the water gods). It is wonderful to fall asleep to a rushing river and cows barking at the moon.

This humming bird feeder was hanging near the showers. When you walk by in the evening there would be anywhere from 2-20 humming birds here. It was pretty cool. When I tried to take pictures of the whole lot of them I had Q with me, he was such a wiggly boy that only this brave (or very hungry) bird came for the photo opportunity.

Paul and Q drive us home:

Thursday, May 17, 2007


We have been getting ready for out first camping trip of the season. I am looking forward to it, we are leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to Wells Grey for the long weekend. It has been a bit of work to get things together, especially for Paul, who has been working hard on the plumbing of trailer. He did not winterize it and some of the water lines broke, so he has been working on those and tuning up other things as well.

It promises to be tons of fun, Judy is coming along with us and lots of Barking Cows will be there. I have not been there before, but Paul and the kids went last year. There is a nine hole golf course at the campground and we play a fun little tournament while we are there. The camping fees include all the golf you can stand.

I promise to bring the camera along to take lots of pictures to share with you when we get back. I am going to take my ponchette along with me and see how much I get done, if any. Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

These are the pictures I mentioned the other day. I took these at the school up the street from us. We rode our bikes there and played on the playground for a while. The kids had a great time, as you can see it was a beautiful spring day.

Every year the Montessori Pre-School hosts Strawberry Tea for Mother's Day. The kids sing songs for us and give us gifts that they made for us in school. This is the only year that all three of the kids and I got to share this event together. Next year, Sebass goes on to the first grade class and last year Q was not enrolled yet.
One mom was late to arrive and the kids had to sit on their mats and wait for 15 minuets. I felt bad for the 20 excited kids that had to wait that long and for the teachers that had to keep them still.

Quentin had a good sleep the night before but for some reason he yawned through the entire event. By the end all the moms would laugh would laugh every time he yawned. There was a lot of laughing.

The yawns seemed to be contagious:

The kids split up the work load, PJ brought me tea, Q brought me a napkin and Sebass brought me the strawberry shortcake. I was a bit worried I would have eat three servings, I skipped breakfast just in case.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blogger Bites

I just down loaded some great pictures of the kids to share with you, but I am having trouble with blogger. It makes to the screen that tells you to click "done" to post your photo, but the "done" button is not there. I think Blogger is mocking me.

I will try to post the photos tomorrow. We have been enjoying the nice weather that mother nature has bestowed upon us the past two days. We have been riding our bikes and going to the playground. We (the kids and I) have all our spring flowers planted and this year we decided to plant some herbs in one of our flower beds. We put in a couple of different kinds of mint, some lemon thyme, sage, basil and some oregano. It should be fun to watch it all grow and to cook with it.

I will show you some pictures of all the fun we are having as soon as blogger will let me.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The other day Paul came home from work talking big. He was bragging all through dinner about this great gift that he had for mommy. He got the kids all excited, "It's a little box." he said. He got me excited, "You will really like it."

This is what he bought for me: I mean him. This was his gift. Are you kidding me? Funny in and of itself, but I went grocery shopping the same day.

And I had bought one too, we got a good laugh out it. At least we were on the same page for once!

We had some sunshine today so the kids and I got started planted some flowers. We were out for about a half hour and the wind picked up. It is so windy right now that there are wind warnings in effect for our area.

Spring has been very windy and cold so far. I am hoping for a nice afternoon Wednesday so we can plant some more flowers and we can take some more pictures to share with you. This is the only one I took today before the wind blew us inside

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I got my KICK package today. What a treat it is!!! I love this yarn, I think mom has outdone herself this time around. The blues are wonderful and rich and the flecks of colour in the yarn are fun. I don't know what it is going to be yet, I need to just ogle it for a little while first.

She also sent that little blue container, how perfect for DPN's. Mom your goodies out rock the sock's that rock club. Thank you.

Mom sent this to me as well. When she and Darryl went to stitches I passed her a little $$ to pick something neat out for me. As usual she picked something that will be fun to knit and something I will wear. I think this will be on the needles soon:

Socks that Rock came last week, the yarn is pretty, but I hear the pattern is a challenge, so I am not sure if I want to knit it or not.

A bit of spinning, I think I will pass this on to mom when I am done with it for a dye job. It is merino wool and very soft. I am having trouble with the white fiber, it is very hard to see how much twist I am putting into the yarn. I think I am putting in enough, but I can't tell by looking at it, it is just hard to see.

Weird, I wrote this post last night and thought I had posted it. Today when I turned on the computer to post I found this one had never been posted. Does that make any sense?