Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here is the spelling list PJ was reviewing last week:

I test the kids on their words in the afternoon and long after the kids went to bed I was doing a quick tidy of the front room and found her practice work on the coffee table. Made me laugh.

I have been thinking a bit about my blogging, or should I say, lack of blogging lately. For a while now I find I really I want to blog but I just don't want to turn on my computer at the end of the work day.

I think about the blog all time. Things happen in my life everyday and I think to myself, "this is totally bloggable" But somewhere between the 'bloggable experience" in my head and turning on my computer I run out of steam.

I am not trying to excuse my lack of blogging, I am not even trying figure out for myself where I go astray between the experience I want to share and the power button on the computer.

On the contrary I learned with my sad cancer (fuck you cancer) post the other day that I need to blog. I need to blog in the same way that I need to do the laundry, sometimes I don't really want to do it but if I don't, the dirty stuff just piles up in my closet and gets kind of stinky.

I realize that I just made blogging sound like a chore and that is not what I mean to say. I mean that sometimes it feels like work to get your thoughts down on paper so to speak. But once you have thrown them out there they fit a bit better in your head. Do you see how it is like laundry, I dislike the stinky pile of laundry that overflows the laundry baskets but I do feel good when it is all folded up and put away where it belongs. The blog and the comments I get from friends and family help me fold up my thoughts and put them away.

I feel a greater connection to my family when I read their blogs and I check daily to see who has posted and find out what they are up to. So I realize that I need to make the effort to blog more regularly so that I hold up my end of the connection.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Head in the Sand

The Hard Stuff First:

I have not posted simply because I tucked my head in the sand for a little while. We have had a bit of bad luck with health issues at the office and without bringing you all down and sharing to much of what is not mine to share I will try to catch you up the best I can.

I may have already shared with you that one of our employees is fighting breast cancer. She is undergoing chemotherapy and is fighting a brave fight. Sadly during her battle her spouse as also been diagnosed with the big C word and he is undergoing treatment as well. His prognosis is not as good as we all want it to be, but we hope for miracles, I have to believe they happen. Under the circumstances she has decided to take a leave of absence from the office, I think it is the right choice but it put me in a bit of pinch for staffing.

Meanwhile two weeks ago the husband of a different staff member was diagnosed with an ulcer. Guess what...it's not an ulcer. He has cancer and is already in hospice care. Needless to say his wife, who has worked for us for over 5 years has taken a leave of absence. I would do no different if I was in her shoes.

We are small office and anyone hired to work for us seems to quickly become family. We are all so broken hearted at the office, so full of grief and anger at this beast called cancer.

In the midst of it all I still have an office to run and family to celebrate. I am trying to get someone hired to rescue the amazing staff I have remaining so they can stay healthy and happy.

I have been hesitant to post all this. For two reasons: One: thinking of the privacy of those affected and two: not wanting to bring anyone left left that still reads this blog down. But sticking my head in the sand and not sharing has not made things go away and just makes me feel full for not getting it out of my head and heart.

The Easy Stuff:

I have not been knitting much but I am pushing myself to get rolling again. I have been losing myself in books, computer games and a little bit of television. This weekend I made an effort to put the books down and pick up the sticks.

I have been chipping away on the traditional Danish wrap, I am up to 351 stitches on the needles. Mom, I was wondering if you could measure yours down the middle and tell me how long it is. I have no idea when to stop. I thought I would stop when I run out of Shannon's beautiful hand spun.

By the way the pictures here in no way represent the actual colour of the yarn. I have not idea why, but I could not capture it all. These photos make it look really grey, but the yarn is blue and purple in real life.

I finally finished some of the fiber I started in June on the Oregon trip. I am looking for you thoughts on how to ply it. Navajo or two ply? Or any other ideas you might have. It is 8oz of fiber. Does not look like very much here on the bobbins does it? The colour is pretty true in the photo though.