Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here is the spelling list PJ was reviewing last week:

I test the kids on their words in the afternoon and long after the kids went to bed I was doing a quick tidy of the front room and found her practice work on the coffee table. Made me laugh.

I have been thinking a bit about my blogging, or should I say, lack of blogging lately. For a while now I find I really I want to blog but I just don't want to turn on my computer at the end of the work day.

I think about the blog all time. Things happen in my life everyday and I think to myself, "this is totally bloggable" But somewhere between the 'bloggable experience" in my head and turning on my computer I run out of steam.

I am not trying to excuse my lack of blogging, I am not even trying figure out for myself where I go astray between the experience I want to share and the power button on the computer.

On the contrary I learned with my sad cancer (fuck you cancer) post the other day that I need to blog. I need to blog in the same way that I need to do the laundry, sometimes I don't really want to do it but if I don't, the dirty stuff just piles up in my closet and gets kind of stinky.

I realize that I just made blogging sound like a chore and that is not what I mean to say. I mean that sometimes it feels like work to get your thoughts down on paper so to speak. But once you have thrown them out there they fit a bit better in your head. Do you see how it is like laundry, I dislike the stinky pile of laundry that overflows the laundry baskets but I do feel good when it is all folded up and put away where it belongs. The blog and the comments I get from friends and family help me fold up my thoughts and put them away.

I feel a greater connection to my family when I read their blogs and I check daily to see who has posted and find out what they are up to. So I realize that I need to make the effort to blog more regularly so that I hold up my end of the connection.


Shannon said...

Nice to see that you've blogged again. I hope that you feel better now.

Wudas said...

I think that's a perfect explaination of blogging.

angie, party of one said...

We would much enjoy your more frequent posts! glad to see you back :)

PongSarun said...

Nice idea!!

I never seen

wish you show next nice idea.