Friday, August 21, 2009


Paul and I are just wrapping up a 14 day cleanse. It is follow the messy looking ink, the colo-vada plus cleanse. It is 7 days of eating well and taking a vitamin packet with breakfast and dinner that prepares your body for the cleanse.

The next four days you try to not eat at all and take vitamin packets morning and evening and psyllium packets 4 times a day. You mix them with some juice and chug them down. The psyllium expands with the juice in your gut and makes you feel full even though you have not had anything to eat.

Paul and I chose to eat a little bit, we ate fruit and veggies, he was able to eat pasta and sandwiches as well. I found I was so full on the psyllium husk that I did not have to much room to eat, you are certainly not hungry at all. I had to eat or I would get terrible headaches. I ate fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt. I tried to eat light foods for the most part. By the end of every day I was so full of psyllium I looked like I was four or five months pregnant. We laughed about my gut every evening.

I gained about eight pounds during the cleanse in water absorbed by the psyllium husk. You spend three days after the elimination stage eating as well as you can and taking vitamin packets that help put all the good nutrients back into your body.

Other than the bloating I felt pretty good the entire time and I am dropping the eight pounds pretty quickly as I finish passing the psyllium. I don't know if I would do this cleanse again, but I will continue to try others. I try to do one at least once a year.

I really think this one put in a bit of a starvation state, I am not very hungry now and it takes very little fill me up. It is amazing to me how quickly you get used to eating less and how good I feel when I eliminate eating the processed foods I tend eat throughout the day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Roof

I think our house is about 17 years old. An aging house needs a face life every now and again. Paul worked hard last summer to get the outside painted. This year we found ourselves in need of a new roof over our heads.

(What's with the half eaten apple on the window sill in the picture above?)

When they built the homes in this neighbour hood they used pine shakes for many of them. Pine shakes don't last long and the roofers are making a mint off the fact the company that built the first homes in this area cheaped out and used it. The newer homes in the area have been built with ceder, tile or asphalt shakes all lasting much longer.

City by-law has rules about the hours you can do loud work in the Loops. You can't start until 7:00 a.m. I swear to you the roofing crew would arrive at 6:45 to set up they would quietly put up ladders and climb onto the roof and exactly when the clock turned to 7:00 they would drop the hammer.

They did the house in less than a week. One night they asked me if they could work late and they worked from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 on a Friday night. They were nice guys and made sure it would it be okay and were worried the kids would not be able to sleep though the noise. (The kids sleep though anything.

In this picutre you can see the new shakes on the bottom portion of the house and the old shakes on the top. The finished product looks great and the shakes are supposed to last us 30 years.