Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

These are the pictures I mentioned the other day. I took these at the school up the street from us. We rode our bikes there and played on the playground for a while. The kids had a great time, as you can see it was a beautiful spring day.

Every year the Montessori Pre-School hosts Strawberry Tea for Mother's Day. The kids sing songs for us and give us gifts that they made for us in school. This is the only year that all three of the kids and I got to share this event together. Next year, Sebass goes on to the first grade class and last year Q was not enrolled yet.
One mom was late to arrive and the kids had to sit on their mats and wait for 15 minuets. I felt bad for the 20 excited kids that had to wait that long and for the teachers that had to keep them still.

Quentin had a good sleep the night before but for some reason he yawned through the entire event. By the end all the moms would laugh would laugh every time he yawned. There was a lot of laughing.

The yawns seemed to be contagious:

The kids split up the work load, PJ brought me tea, Q brought me a napkin and Sebass brought me the strawberry shortcake. I was a bit worried I would have eat three servings, I skipped breakfast just in case.


angie, party of one said...

Great pictures, I love to see the kid pics because they're growing so damn fast!
Thanks for the AIDS Walk donation Ouimet clan!!!! I'll make you proud (though I miss my walking partner).

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the kids. Do they do tea for Grandmas?


Shannon said...

Great photos.