Sunday, May 27, 2007


I am tired of waiting for my computer to come home from the tech. I have finally taken matters into my own hands and taken Paul's computer for a little while, he can sweat it out while I get some blog reading and writing done.

I will start you off with our camping trip, which was great fun. We were so busy having fun that I forgot to take pictures and the few I did take did not come out very well. The campground itself is not to fancy, but it is on a 9 hole golf course and your camping includes all the golf you like. the facilities include really nice washrooms with hot showers (that you don't have to pay for) and flush toilets.

Here are some pictures of the drive up there, it was only about 1 and 1/2 hours pulling the trailer.

This is Trophy Mountain, which keeps watch over you as you golf and roast marshmallows by the fire.

This picture cracks me up:

We did some golfing with each of the kids, sometimes I would go and do three or four holes with PJ or Quentin and other times Paul would take one of them out. During the golf tournament (barking cow golf tournament) Sebastian drove our golf cart (we only rented one for the day so he could drive us around) and PJ and Q stayed at camp and played with Judy.

The campground is surrounded by rivers (I lost 5 golf balls on one hole alone to the water gods). It is wonderful to fall asleep to a rushing river and cows barking at the moon.

This humming bird feeder was hanging near the showers. When you walk by in the evening there would be anywhere from 2-20 humming birds here. It was pretty cool. When I tried to take pictures of the whole lot of them I had Q with me, he was such a wiggly boy that only this brave (or very hungry) bird came for the photo opportunity.

Paul and Q drive us home:


Leanna said...

I'm glad you hijacked Paul's computer. i've been thinking about you. My second night out the only visitor to my campsite was a curious hummingbird. it made me think of you.

Shannon said...

I was wondering if you had forgotten how to post. I'm glad that you guys had a good time on your camping trip.

Wudas said...

I'm ready to go camping. Our new trailer is supposed to arrive while I'm on an Alaskan cruise. I'm gettting anxious.

It looks like you all had a good time. Why don't you post pics of Judy?