Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The other day Paul came home from work talking big. He was bragging all through dinner about this great gift that he had for mommy. He got the kids all excited, "It's a little box." he said. He got me excited, "You will really like it."

This is what he bought for me: I mean him. This was his gift. Are you kidding me? Funny in and of itself, but I went grocery shopping the same day.

And I had bought one too, we got a good laugh out it. At least we were on the same page for once!

We had some sunshine today so the kids and I got started planted some flowers. We were out for about a half hour and the wind picked up. It is so windy right now that there are wind warnings in effect for our area.

Spring has been very windy and cold so far. I am hoping for a nice afternoon Wednesday so we can plant some more flowers and we can take some more pictures to share with you. This is the only one I took today before the wind blew us inside


angie, party of one said...

That's too funny!

Shannon said...

Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...that's a lot of slippery stuff. Must be Spring Fever!!!

Anonymous said...

So is that stuff any good? It's not my brand.