Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blogger Bites

I just down loaded some great pictures of the kids to share with you, but I am having trouble with blogger. It makes to the screen that tells you to click "done" to post your photo, but the "done" button is not there. I think Blogger is mocking me.

I will try to post the photos tomorrow. We have been enjoying the nice weather that mother nature has bestowed upon us the past two days. We have been riding our bikes and going to the playground. We (the kids and I) have all our spring flowers planted and this year we decided to plant some herbs in one of our flower beds. We put in a couple of different kinds of mint, some lemon thyme, sage, basil and some oregano. It should be fun to watch it all grow and to cook with it.

I will show you some pictures of all the fun we are having as soon as blogger will let me.

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Shannon said...

Be careful where you plant the mint. Mint is a very invasive plant.