Thursday, May 17, 2007


We have been getting ready for out first camping trip of the season. I am looking forward to it, we are leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to Wells Grey for the long weekend. It has been a bit of work to get things together, especially for Paul, who has been working hard on the plumbing of trailer. He did not winterize it and some of the water lines broke, so he has been working on those and tuning up other things as well.

It promises to be tons of fun, Judy is coming along with us and lots of Barking Cows will be there. I have not been there before, but Paul and the kids went last year. There is a nine hole golf course at the campground and we play a fun little tournament while we are there. The camping fees include all the golf you can stand.

I promise to bring the camera along to take lots of pictures to share with you when we get back. I am going to take my ponchette along with me and see how much I get done, if any. Have a great weekend!


Shannon said...

I hope that you have lots of fun on your camping trip.

Anonymous said...

Post some pics when you get home.