Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shannon Calls Me Out

Shannon called me sometime last week. I had no idea she called, she left a message with PJ that was never passed on to me. When I found out I swear I heard mom's voice in my head chewing me out for not taking a message when someone called her. I heard her voice come out of my mouth "How would you like it if one of your friends called and I forgot to let you know????" It has begun.

I called her back today and we had a nice chat. She razzed me a bit about not posting in almost a month. I deserved the razzing. We decided on a challenge Shannon and I are both going to post at least twice a week for the next month. If I fail to post twice in a week I owe her a ball of yarn and if she fails to post...well you get the idea. I have lots to update all of you on, I just need to get on the stick and post about it.

We can all thank Shannon for lighting a fire under my butt. I think it was when she said, "Your blog is getting to be like Will's, I just don't check it anymore because you never post." She nailed it.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Skiing and Kntting

Here are those pictures I said I'd show you. It was such a pretty day out, the sun was bright and it must have been only about -3C. Here is Q skiing down the hill, you can't tell from the pictures but he pretty much skis straight down the hill as fast as he can.

I don't know very much about skiing but it really looks to me like PJ is the best skier of the bunch. She takes her time and really enjoys each run, she turns as much as she can linking lots of turns in a row and zig zags back and forth down the hill. She is not the fastest of the three, but she sure gets the most out of the mountain.

Here is the speed demon. Surprise, surprise. He was so fast I never did get him in motion. I think the boys need to slow down and learn thier turns. But this comes from the girl that has never been on skiis before. (Let record show that I do know how to snowboard, but would much rather snow shoe)

Here is the ony picture I got of the kids at the tube park. I was busy riding the hill myself to take any!

I took these to give you idea what the tubing hill looked like. It was getting overcast and dusk was on it's way so the pictures are really crappy. Hard to get any depth of field under those conditions.

These socks have been laying around with no toe until yesterday. I finished them up while watchig the SuperBowl. (I think the superbowl is especially for knitters: good excuse to knit, watch tv and drink beer on a if we really need an excuse)