Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still Going

I am so sorry for the long hiatus. My lovely two week flu bug turned into a nasty sinus infection and a cough that would give me no rest. I went to my Dr. again yesterday thinking I had some fluid in the bottom of my lungs I just could not shake. He gave a listen and sure enough heard the crap crackling away down there.

I love my Dr. he is very conservative with the medications and knows I hate to take them. He suggested a quick two days of a corticosteroid to get rid of the fluid (starting yesterday) and wants me to call him this afternoon to see how I am doing. The good news is the cough is settling down by half already and I feel like I can I breathe down into the lower portion of lungs today. I think this should do the trick

I have not had my camera out in the past four weeks, I think I have only knit about 10 rows on a sock in that time, just no mojo right now so I have no new pictures. Just so I don't bore you all to tears I added some pictures of PJ playing hockey.

She is there in the foreground with the blue helmet on, this was taken at a girls hockey tournament in Vancouver early this hockey season. PJ plays defense and can be seen here with her eye on the girl in front her in the black uniform. The girl in black has the puck and is on a break away heading to her net for a goal, PJ is very focused on shutting that girl down to prevent her scoring a goal.

Here is the third picture in the series (I thought the second one would bore you) You can see PJ did not quite catch the girl, but she was able to put on enough pressure that she pushed the girl to the outside, closer to the boards and off to the side of net where she did not have a good a shot to score to the goal. (she did miss by the way)

This last one is PJ and two of her team mates with Hayley Wickenheiser Olympic Gold Medalist for the 2002, 2006, 2010 Canadians National Women's Hockey Team. Hayley was born and raised in Vancouver and gives back every year by holding this girl's hockey tournament.

The tournament was amazing there were dry land classes the girls could sign up for that were free, PJ did core strength and one called quick feet, learning off ice skills to help you skate faster.

Our girls took second place in the entire tournament. The team they played in finals cheated by my standards. They short shifted, this means they played only their best players though out the final game and did not play their less skilled players at all. We are lucky our coach plays all our players with equal ice time in every game. It shocks me to see coaches short shift a 9 and 10 year old children's hockey game, I think it unfair and wonder what they are teaching the kids.

Our girls were very proud of themselves, it was awesome to watch.