Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Here are some Vancouver pictures like I promised you last night. I may be a little more on my game today and give you a post that is at least readable. The picture above is on the way there, it is about a 4 or 5 hour drive through the mountains to get there. I am not sure but this might be around Chilliwack, which is about 45 minutes or an hour before Vancouver.

Vancouver city hall. I just liked the building and we were stuck in traffic so out came the camera. You see that wonderful blue sky in the background, we had wonderful weather the whole day. That was a blessing, this time of year snow can make the drive a bit of nail biter.

Here are the washrooms at the toll booth on the Coquihalla, this is almost the top of the pass. You can see there is tons of snow up here, but the roads were dry and clear. It was -13C at the washrooms.

It seems odd that I would post a picture of the inside of the washroom. Odder yet is the sign posted above every toilet. Need a close up??

The sign was only posted above the toilets, not the sinks. Apparently this is a problem??? People getting up here and being so parched they dip right into the toilets for a drink?


Wudas said...

That's the thing about those signs, you know if they posted it that someone must have tried it.

angie, party of one said...

Okay, that is really strange! Makes for good posting though.

Shannon said...

I see lots of signs like that. It makes a person wonder. When I was in Baltimore there was a laminated sheet of paper taped to the wall in the women's restroom right above the sink. Directions on how to wash your hands. Apparently some people still need directions on how to wash their hands.