Friday, July 20, 2007

The Frogs Are Jumping

I have plugging away on the latest instalment of Sock's that Rock. I love the yarn and I think I will enjoy the pattern once I get the hang of it. I am having a couple of problems with it. The first is a size issue: It looks like a small touque, but it should look like a sock.

The pattern gives four 'sizes' or rather gives you four different numbers of stitches to cast on with no size associated with the number of stitches. Is is XS, S, M and L? Or could it be S, M, L and XL? I have a big foot, women's 10, I went with the greatest number of stitches the pattern suggested.

This did not work out so well for me. As you can see the $%&*!! sock is to big for me. I would have preferred if the pattern had sizes printed on it, you know something like for a women's size 7 cast on 60 stitches, for a women size 8 cast on 65, for a child sized touque cast on 85...

It has taken me longer than it should have to get even this far on this sock. My eyes are doing very well following the surgery, but they are still healing and I have found I can only knit for small, precious periods of time. In learning a new pattern apparently I get so focused (no pun intended) that I forget to blink. The only time my eyes bother me is in really bright light or when they get dry. Not blinking tends to make my eyes a little dry, go figure.

I wanted so badly for these socks to work just like they were, I tried to tell myself they would shrink in the wash. They would fit better when I hit the ankle, I could only fool myself for so long before I realized I would never be happy with these giant socks.

Tonight I took a dip in the frog pond:

Due to the construction of the toe, I could not just take a little dip into the frog pond, I had to go all the way:

Oddly enough, I felt somehow better after things looked like this:

I know I will be happier with the knit in the long run. It is amazing how much you can rip out in only a minute or so.

I am going to leave you with a smile and I am going to mix myself a martini.



Wudas said...

I checked the pattern and it says S, M, L, and XL.

I do love a nice smile.

Shannon said...

Did you use size large or extra large? Just kidding. I couldn't resist.

Ritsin said...

OMG, I just found this blog. Why wasn't I informed earlier?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the udder hat and was disappointed it wasn't used. What happened, the cows actually started to play?!?!