Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We had a great trip to Oregon. It was so fun to travel and not have to rush from place to place. We did most of our driving in the late morning/early afternoons. When the kids would start to get restless in the truck we would have them start reading signs for campgrounds and we would pull into a few of them until we found one we all liked.

We would set up a quick camp and get the bikes out for the kids and they would burn off all their energy riding around while Paul and I got dinner together. Then we would all get showered up and get the kids settled in bed. Paul and I would have a fire in the evening and sit and chat a bit. it was great.

This picture is of the Washington/Oregon Border, which of course is the Columbia river.

Here is Paul teaching Sebastian how to skip rocks across two states. This was on our way to Oregon on highway 97, so we are on the Washington side where we stopped for lunch before venturing on.

PJ selecting a stone:


I will post some photos of meeting up with rest of the family on Monday.


Shannon said...

Cool photos.

dwgnldy said...

I love the photos. The Columbia River between Oregon and Washington is one of our favorite places. When we used to take annual vacations we always tried to hit that area. It's some of the most beautiful landscaping in this country.

Hope the kids learned to skip stones. Mine always sink. I was never able to develop the skill.

Wudas said...

Take a drive down the Columbia River Gorge some time. It's lovely.

For me the most beautiful spot is still Yosemite. But the Black Hills come in second. So far.