Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doesn't it Just Figure?

I finally get my lazy bum going and fire up my computer to blog and blogger will not let me upload any photos for you tonight. Cracks me up, I have tons of pictures to show you.

Paul and the kids did a trip to Vegas to visit with George and Judy. I stayed here and worked for a week and then I flew out and met them for four days. We had a great time, someday I will show you some pictures to prove it!

We got home a week ago today and spent last week getting the kids into the school routine. Q was a bit nervous about starting first grade, but by Friday he had decided he likes it well enough.

Dad and Corinne got here Wednesday evening and we had a great visit. (I have some wonderful pictures to show you of their trip too) They left this morning, to head home. They have been away for almost three weeks, it sounds like they had a great trip. I am sure they are looking forward to their own bed. I love visiting and traveling , but nothing beats my own bed.

I even have some finished knitting to show you...all this suspense. I am going to have blog again. Soon.

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dwgnldy said... about a tease. LOL! I check your blog every other day to see if you've posted and what you've been up to. I love it when you comment on mine because that means you've got something on yours to read.

Normally this time of year has that "back to school" smell. There's a plant that blooms around here that gives it that aroma. This year I can't smell it. It's kinda disappointing because it always makes me feel like a kid again.

The trip to Vegas and visit from your dad sound great. Got any pictures? Hahahahahahahaha!

Yep, I'm the aunt that's a brat!