Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fit to be Plied

I finished spinning this wool a long time ago, it is superwash merino that I bought online. I wanted to Navajo ply it, but did not know how so it is sat around on the p
spindles forever. I was feeling brave this weekend and looked up how to Navajo ply in book. Which only confused me.

I am a tactile learner and really need to touch things to get it my head so reading about a new technique does not work well for me. I decided to go online and Google some how to video. I watched two people do it on You Tube and then decided to give it a go myself. I ended up with this as a result:

I really felt like I was I ruining a decently spun fiber. I felt a bit frustrated and could not get any rhythm with my hands and my treadle speed. Not good. I went back online and looked at one more video. I noticed that in all three videos the spinners all held the single in a different way, they all did it a little differently. Of course, look at ten knitters and see ten different ways to hold your yarn, to hold your needles...why would a spinning technique be any different.

I went back to the wheel and played a bit more and ended up with this:

Way happier with it, I only wish I was paying more attention to where the end of my single was, I would have attached the next spindle of single ply and kept on going. I am going to try to do some more today.

This is the first time I have plied with the Wooly Winder, I have to say I have no idea how I managed to ply with out it. Totally rocks, no need to stop and move your yarn from hook to hook.


Wudas said...

I know. I love my Woolee Winder. I know the Lendrum wheel doesn't really need it because you can just move that thingy so easily. But I think I'd love a Woolee Winder on the Lendrum too. It will spoil you in a heartbeat.

Don't worry about your plying. I am a crappy ply-er and when I knit the stuff up it looks just fine.

Corinne said...

What a shock--you're back! I used to visit your Oct. 20 post every week or so, for nostalgic purposes. You yarn looks nice to me (an amateur) and I always feel you can't go wrong with blues and purples. Also enjoyed the pic of Q in the chaps. Love, C

dwgnldy said...

That is gorgeous yarn. Very nice job.

Now....whatcha gonna make with it?

Shannon said...

Kelly, your plying looks great! I also had problems learning to Navajo ply. The last time I did it, it came out better. Also like you, I'm a hands on learner. Reading about things does not help me learn.

Corinne, I loved your comment. I made me laugh out loud.

Bintang said...

i like your blog