Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Bought It!

No don't worry, not the farm, but I did turn another year older. Thank you to everyone who called and everyone who thought of me and sent a birthday wish my way.

I bought the Red Table I eluded to a post or two ago. I am not sure the pictures do it justice. I love the piece so very much that I spent the better part of my weekend in The Cave with PJ teaching me how to make friendship bracelets. (I caught on quickly, it seems it's like riding bike you don't forget all the things you knew in grade school)

The boys would pop in The Cave now and again and join us for a while then they would run around outside and come back and play with PJ and I.

It is 120+ years old, made of Elm and even has the wax seal on the back that authenticates that it is indeed significantly older than I am.

I think I only need one more piece of furniture to make The Cave complete, I just need to decide on a colour. I have been thinking a bean bag chair in there would be perfect for the kids, it would give them a place to flop when they come down to chat with me, a good way to make them feel like they can join me anytime with a book or a craft project. Any ideas on the colour? Can you have to much red?


Shannon said...

That's a beautiful table. I really like it. I think something green, blue or bright yellow.

dwgnldy said...

The beanbag chair is a great idea! I was thinking the yellow like in the carpet in the hall outside the cave door. Or one of the colors from the basket in the picture.

I love the table. It's got personality and just says, "Come on in!".

Wudas said...

I love the table. What a great find. I'm with Shannon. I'm thinking a denim blue would be nice.