Friday, December 30, 2011

Gettiing My Feet Wet

I keep thinking about starting to blog again, but I end up sitting at my computer feeling like I need to explain why I have not blogged in so long. I think of all things I would like to say on that topic and figure:

A. no one is reading anymore because I don't blog anymore so why explain.

B. I don't have a great reason anyway, I just haven't felt like sitting down and putting my thoughts and activities down on paper.

I have been working on a couple of knitting projects that I would like to share, I am thinking the best way is just to try to jump back into blogging. If anyone would like to have a read, that is wonderful and if you have given up on me, no worries, that would be my fault for falling off the blogging train for six months.

I have gotten into lace over the past year. I started with some easy stuff and have tried to gradually move up in difficulty. I have seen some of the pretty shawls Shannon has made and thought I would get my feet wet.

This a scarf I made for a birthday gift, I had one skein of a pretty silk yarn that needed to be knit up into a scarf, downloaded a free pattern from Knit Picks and a gave it a try.

I thought I had a picture I took after blocking it, but I can't seem to find that one right now. It is entirely possible those are on still on my camera, I have not downloaded in a while. These were taken with my phone.


dwgnldy said...

You'd be surprised how many times I go to your blog in hopes of finding something from you. I'm very glad I did today the first day of 2012. I definitely needed the pick up.

I love the scarf. It's sooooooo....feminine. Whoever you give it to, you've done a beautiful job. The design is perfect for the colors.

Oh and no explanation needed why you've been away or busy. Just jump right in and start yacking no one will say a peep.

Happy New Year!

Wudas said...

Glad to see you back. I check your blog along with everyone else's every time I read blogs. I know how fast time can get away from you.

I hope the recipient of the scarf loves it as much as we all do.