Saturday, May 05, 2012

Finally, Something Interesting

Meet Arashi, the second kit sent by Abstract Fibers.  You all know how much I loved the purple goodness, how bittersweet the finishing was, I spent several weeks with nothing on the needles.  Then one day a lovely package came in the mail...the rest as they say, is history.

Arashi, you had me at hello, when I opened the envelope and saw the red I was smitten.  It is as if this company has designed their kits and colorways just for me.  This is a larger shawl and will therefore take me longer than the first one, do you think I can have it off the needles in time for the next shipment?  The whole pattern is so much different than anything I have knit before that I don't know what kind of progress goals to set.  I will commit to picking it up and knitting a bit every day, but when those rows get to be 512 stitches long I have no idea how much that will slow me down.  It will grow to a whooping 630 stitches in total. 

I think Shannon has the most experience of all of us with lace.  I bet that beautiful blue shawl was bigger that Arashi.  Shannon maybe you can give me the best guess on time frame.

I am using my smallest Addi lace (US4) one size down from the recommended needle size (I am usually a size down for all my knitting) I think I would like it knit a bit tighter, I am going to try a US3 Addi circular, but it is not a lace needle.  If that needle size works well I may splurge and order a signature circular, I am craving a better point for this project, and enjoying the lace knitting enough to make the investment. 

I am wondering if whomever redesigned blogger has ever actually blogged themselves.  I can't seem to place my pictures where I would like them in my text.  It all just seems a little clunky now, I liked blogger so much better before they "improved" it. 

PJ is surfing on YouTube and just me she now knows how to make a stink bomb.  I am wondering why she is looking that up and surprised the parental controls I have set did not block that site.  She is sitting on my bed with me while she surfs, so rest assured not unsupervised.


Wudas said...

That color is great! I have a pair of plain socks on my needles but still that that beaded scarf to finish. I find myself looking at lace shawl patterns again and I would like to knit a nice t-shirt type thingy. Your 600+ stitches statement set me straight!

Those darn Signature needles...after you use them everything else pales.

It looks like you joined the perfect club. You haven't opted for fiber yet?

dwgnldy said...

Wow, that's going to be beautiful!

Stink bomb huh. Since she's not my child, I can laugh my tush off.

I agree, I don't think whoever changed blogger did us any favors and has never blogged. I just got frustrated and quit blogging for awhile. Which for me is torture because I love to tell stories.