Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chuga Chuga Whoowhooo

A big Thank You shout out to all the Grandparents who gave the kids loads of fun Christmas. They play with the trains all the time.

Every Saturday the whole thing gets cleaned up and put away. Over the next week the tracks come out bit by bit and by mid week there is usually a complex rail system set up on the front room floor. Sebass is often the mastermind that gets all the tracks to connect to one another, but everyone does their part.

In this week's town they have included a train station, an airport, there is even a hospital and and a school. I think they even put up a toy store!

Here is my favorite part this week: The city park.


Shannon said...

Looks like everyone enjoys the train set.

Wudas said...

How many sets is that? Did I send two? I just don't remember.

I'm getting pretty excited about Disneyland. I saw a white gold pendant in the tiny local jewelery store that was four circles; one was the outside of the pendant and the other three were arranged to be a head and two ears. What are the odds of finding something like that here?

Kelly O said...

Shannon, I keep wishing you would be there too! I will miss you so much that weekend!

Mom, you gave them 2 sets and then G and J added to them. What a great idea you had!

Shannon said...

I would love to be there, but we already pulled the kids out school once this shcool year for a trip to Disneyland. We received truancy notices for pulling the kids out of school for three days.