Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We are Alive

I got home very early last Sunday morning and was immediately sucked into a whirlwind. I spent Sunday with the kids and Paul catching up and playing hard.

Monday I went to work and was crazy busy. Early Tuesday morning Paul started vomiting. Poor guy was sick as a dog. I got up and went to work for him on Tuesday.

Come 10:00 Tuesday evening Q started vomiting. Poor kid threw up every 15 min all night long. I stayed up with him so Paul could rest and recover hoping he could work on Wed.

The rest of the week was a wash, I did my best to keep my tired head above water and catch up from the week I was out of town.

For mothers day Paul gave me...the flu. I spent Sunday with my head in the toilet, PJ started with it Sunday night.

I was honestly relieved when Sebass started throwing up about midnight Sunday night. I figured once he got through it we would be in the clear for a while.

You will be happy to know that everyone is feeling better at this point. I am back on the blogging train now and starting to feel caught up.

I posted only the one photo. I know Mom posted it as well. Click on it, it is so much better big, I made it my desk top, now I am cruising every time I turn on my computer.


Wudas said...

your picture is better.

angie, party of one said...

Welcome back Pukey Von Pukseter!

Shannon said...

I'm very glad that you're back. I was getting worried. I'm glad that everyone is recovered from the flu.