Friday, May 23, 2008


Here is the golf course portion of the camp ground. I don't know why but only took this one picture of the golf course and it is not a very good one. It looks really dusty and dry in this picture. But really it was green and lush and damp with rain.

There are two humming bird feeders there and the owners fill them all the time. The bigger one you will see pictured below they fill three times a day. I could have sat and watched this little birds for hours.

At one point Leanna was teeing off and a humming bird came and hovered in front of here for a few seconds. We just stood still and enjoyed it, very cool experience.

The owner of the campground was telling me that the humming birds eggs are hatching soon and that is why they are so aggressive right now.

Here is the larger feeder. At dusk there are more birds than shown here at the feeder. I hear there was 50 or so. I took my photos in the morning and there were a lot, but not 50.

Click the pictures of the humming birds they are better bigger.


Wudas said...

I haven't filled my feeder yet. The hummers like the flowers in the front yard and hang out right in the living room window. They are very fond of the cannas. They'll dive bomb or buzz you in the back yard sometimes. It's very cool. I've never seen so many in one place! Lucky you. I keep looking for a nest but haven't found it.

Shannon said...

I saw a hummingbird nest once, near my work. They are very small and difficult to spot. We have a hummingbird feeder we never fill. The hummingbirds like some of the flowers in our yard.
Those were some cool photos.

Ritsin said...

Cool pictures. Thanks for coming, always great having you and the family there.