Monday, June 02, 2008

Getting It All In

Every time I start to get my blogging groove on life seems to get incredibly crazy and I lose my groove in a big hurry.

Last week was a bit on the crazy side. I try to keep the kids in only two things at time, I think so many parents over schedule their kids. Our kids have swimming lessons twice a week and piano lessons once a week and the teacher comes to the house, so I am not running them around for that. I think that is plenty for them when you add school to the mix.

It is the schedule that Paul and I keep that seems to make things crazy and sometimes I wonder if it is fair on the kids. Paul tries to play hockey two evenings a week (often he only makes one because he ended up with two things on the same evening. He has meetings every Tuesday night for the back center we are involved in and then we throw in one or two softball nights a week.

In addition to softball I add a work out class every Wednesday night. It does not sound like much when I write it here and I know there are many people out there that do way more than I do. I can't imagine how hard a single parent works to care for children and work full time, try to stay fit and sneak a little fun it there to, I know Shannon did that for a long time and kept a house as well.

I seem to fit everything in but when I get home I am dishrag. Not good for even picking up the knitting needles. I love my life and I am not complaining in the least, occasionally I do feel like I need to sit down and catch up with myself. And then I look around and see how many people do more than I do and I wonder where they get all their energy from.

Paul and I had an incredible opportunity this past weekend. We spent Friday and Saturday in seminars right here in the Loops. The Drs. putting together the back center are exploring treatment techniques and tools they can bring to the clinic that is being put together. We are a part of that clinic so we got to attend the seminars, learn a bunch of new stuff and all it was paid for by the clinic that is in development.


Wudas said...

We all get busy and sometimes we are busier than normal. Just take the time to really, really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I envy all that YOU do. I'm always looking forward to your blogs, reading up on what you're working on next. I'm sorry we haven't got it together to come visit, we always learn something new from you and Paul. I'm really hoping we can come for a visit soon. -Susan

Shannon said...

We all have busy weeks and weekends and then all of a sudden you have a laid back week and weekend and wonder why you're not so busy.

I agree with you about parents over scheduling their kids. You have to give your children time to be kids.