Thursday, June 19, 2008


We have been doing a lot of work in the yard. One thing turned into another and we found ourselves rebuilding the deck.

We have been meaning to do this for a long time. The old deck was fiberglass glued onto plywood. It was beginning to wear badly on one edge and the fiberglass decking was so slippery when it got wet it was very dangerous.

Paul did a whole bunch of research and in the long run we decided to go with a composite decking. It is recycled plastic and has a bit of real wood in it as well.

It went together like a dream. The pieces are put together with these spacers or clamps that just screw right in. If you need to take a piece in the middle at a later date you can remove any piece you like easily.

Scott came over and did the cutting so Paul could get it done faster. Paul returned the favor on Sunday and went over to Scott's place to help him cement his patio. I am thinking Scott got the good end of that deal, but I am happy to be part of neighbourhood that helps one and other out.

The deck has changed just a little since this last picture. See where the hose is? Paul moved that and the hose bib. He built a bit of deck in that spot so it comes out even with the house where it comes out for our bedroom window. The bit he added on covers up the sprinkler works. Now the BBQ sits up there and it looks great.

We are off to a ball tournament this weekend. Taking the trailer and kids and getting ready ready to bark like a cow. Should be fun. The weather has been pretty crummy, hopeful we get some sun for the ball games.

Have a good one!


angie, party of one said...

Nice addition to the pad! Have fun at your tournament, I would say good luck but I know that winning is of little concern to the cows. Instead I'll say...

Shannon said...

I'm with Angie, drink up.

The patio cover looks nice too.

Wudas said...

I don't remember the cover over the deck.

wilsajedi said...

send all he info Paul has on decks. Shannon and I were planning on building one, and I think I'll surprise her...oh crap.

Anonymous said...

I think you had a birthday on Friday? Happy Belated B-day.