Friday, July 04, 2008


Click on the picture to make it big, its totally worth it. I took this picture while we camping this past weekend. I post it today because I need some perspective. In Peruvian shamanism the (and I am sure in many others) one of the things the eagle represents is perspective. Flying above it all to see the patterns, the flow of things and not getting caught up in the crap.

I think of the wind lifting my wings, soaring effortlessly above the mountain tops and the rivers, letting the wind and perspective take away all the things that I am letting bog me down these days. In short I am asking the great eagle to help me with an attitude adjustment.

This past weekend was the Canada Day weekend. I took the kids camping on Thursday night and Paul joined us late Friday night. (More on that soon) We stayed until Monday afternoon and then came home to enjoy the Tuesday off and relax in the air-conditioning. It was over 100F out there and we were sleeping in a tin box and no showers there. We were in need of cold shower.

Paul worked on the Friday and rode his dirt bike out after he got off work and a game of hockey. He did not arrive until about 11:00. I know that Paul has spent quite a lot of time on a moterbike and I trust his driving skills. When 10:30 rolled by I did begin to worry about him. His dirt bike is cheap street legal bike that we bought to save on insurance dollars (in this weird Canadian insurance system we save almost $2,000 a year by insuring the bike as a primary vehicle and Paul's truck as secondary) I trust Paul on the bike but did not trust the bike. It has crapped out on him in the bush more than once.

I had cause to worry. As Paul got closer to the campground the lights on the bike began to flicker on and off. When he pulled up to the campground, going only about 10 or 15kilometers per hour the electrical on the bike gave out and the bike came to a screaming halt. Paul did not. He was wearing heavy pants and thick leather jacket and riding gloves. He skinned up his elbow and hurt his ankle a little bit. The worst of it is the hyper-extended thumb of his right hand. He did not fracture it, that would heal faster. He damaged the joint capsule and some of the surrounding ligaments. His hand is all splinted up and he is unable to oppose his thumb and fingers. He has hopes of being back to work on Tuesday, I think this is unrealistic.

I think on the bright side and thank the powers that be the bike did not seize up on the highway when he was going 90KPH. I realize how lucky we are that he is not more badly hurt. I also feel a little overwhelmed and crabby. There is a lot going on right now (hiring staff, PMS, I enjoyed my first migraine last night, a head cold and general lack of exercise ect. ect.)

Today my goal is to suck it and change my attitude. Thank you for hearing me out; it helps my gain perspective. Click on that picture and soar with me please!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, thank goodness Paul is okay, could have been worse. Take care chickee. Great pic of the Eagle, Happy 4th of July : ) Susan

angie, party of one said...

I'm glad Paulie is okay, it just reinforces the old "all the gear all the time" rule I have been reading about while learning about my new toy.
Love the eagle pic, I hope you're also celebrating 4th of July up there in Canadaland.

Shannon said...

Sometimes you just need to take a break to recharge yourself or as Dad used to say, "Have a pity party." I've had a few pity parties, usually after a day or two I dust myself off and move on.

Wudas said...

"And this too shall pass." Take five and concentrate on your breathing. The big picture is in the future. The accident is in the past. Take a little bit of time to enjoy a moment. The next moment after that one will be better, etc.

And for the migraine may I suggest Excedrin migraine. It's the only thing that helps me and I've talked to other migraine sufferers and it helps them too. That way you don't have to cut your head off.