Friday, July 11, 2008

I Did Not Mean to Scare You

Hi all. I am going to post a quick one today.

I am feeling tons better. So much so that I did not have nap today. I found I did not sleep well last night due to my nap yesterday and today I pushed right through, so I am beat now.

Things are pretty well back to normal around here. I went to Sebastian's science camp with PJ and Q for an hour to see what he had been up to all week. I did the laundry, cleaned out the computer cupboard and did some other odds and ends. I even got a tasty dinner on the table and the dishes done up.

Doug was even kind enough to stop by this morning and bring me a cup of coffee and the kids some hot chocolate. We sat out on the deck in the sunshine and I even knit a few rows.

I was really hopeful that I would I bring you a better post than this little shorty but I think it is just about bedtime for me.


angie, party of one said...

Glad you're home and feeling better. Stop doing yucky housework, milk your illness as long as possible and use the kids as child slaves.

Corinne said...

Holy Cow, Kelly--we were scared! We were so happy to hear that you went home, but I did not picture you doing laundry and cooking by today. Angie is right--you could lounge around in a glamorous bathrobe while the kids & Paul do all the work. Schmoo could help out too.

Kelly O said...

That sounds like grand! First I need a glamorous bathrobe, A flowing satin number with sleeves that are narrow on the top and get wider as they go down, feathers along the bottom and the sleeve hems...something out of a movies from the 50's. Can I have some of those cool 50's eyelashes as well???

The reality is I am feeling good and Paul still has a damaged thumb, although he seems pretty well back to his normal business as well.

Shannon said...

I'm with Angie, take it easy.