Saturday, July 26, 2008

May as Well Be Mars

I spent part of the day prepping for more painting. I am just about ready to paint on the chocolate, I am hoping to get it done tomorrow. Masking off the area's to be painted was a bit of a challenge for me today, I had to get out the very tall ladder and climb up to mask off the peak. I am not a fan of heights and suffered from sweaty palms during this adventure.

This 4 foot long untaped area above the stairs may as well be Mars in my book. I waited until all the kids were out of the house and I climbed up on the banister over the stairs, I reached over the stairwell and reached as far as I could within my comfort zone. I can't get to that last 4 feet without hanging over the lowest stairs and the entrance way below me. Forget it. I am going to see if I can Paul to tape it for me while I hide in the kitchen with the kids.

Paul has been busy with a job of his own. He started painting the outside of the house a year ago (He told me he could do it in month, I laughed) so far the back and bottom half of one side have been done. He seems to be on a mission now. I may have nudged him a bit. Every time he comes up with something fun he wants to do, I ask him how the house is coming along.

I am not much for nagging, but the house looks terrible like it is and will look so good when it is all done.

I can never get Paul to smile for me when I take a picture. I caught him off guard while he was chatting with the neighbour.

Today he skipped Stage 2 of his reunion, it was a family deal down at the park. Tonight he and I go to Stage 3 together so we are out to dinner at 7. I think it is odd that it is a 3 day event. It seems to be pretty typical for this area I guess. Seems odd to me, I wonder if I have enough common ground with those I graduated with 20 years ago to talk for an evening, let alone 3 days. Sunday he golfs with his grad class. I guess 160 out of a class of 400 have signed up for the reunion. Pretty good turn out for 20 years I think.

He must have enjoyed last night he got home at 3:00 in the morning and left the truck downtown. I expected he would be late and I was glad to hear he had such a good time. He said it was kind of weird, but good. I can see that. He really thinks I should check into a plane ticket for mine.

Enough rambling. I am going to go clean up.


Shannon said...

I don't understand why a class reunion is several days. Maybe it's a Canadian thing.

Corinne said...

Kelly, I have loved the truly blue walls--you are totally unafraid of using strong paint colors. The chocolate colors will be a nice change and will look good with both of your couches. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your house when it is totally blue.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

Read on your Mom's blog that you read Diana Gabaldon...I have read the entire Outlander series more times than I can count. Great books..I hope that Shannon and Elayne like them too...