Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camping Pictures

This first picture is the evening view from our camp site. It was bordering on to hot during the day but the evenings were so nice. It was to warm for a fire, but we had one for the heck of it, we all sat far away from the heat of it and chatted.

Of course you get a picture of each kid down by the water. Our site was very close to the beach a three minute walk. I love this picture of Seabass, he is at the age of missing teeth. His front teeth look huge and the neighboring teeth are missing, making them look even bigger. I still think he is a good looking kid.

The ham: he spent most of his time by the water looking just like this. I am not sure why he felt the need for goggles as I am pretty sure his face never made it into the water. The water is pretty cold being melt off and all. All the kids played in it about to their waists and then got to cold. Doug and his kids were along, they have a water trampoline that Doug set up and the kids spent a lot of time on that.

His kids are great swimmers, a bit older older than ours, 9 and 12? The nine year old swam all the way out to the safety markers with me with no problem and not one complaint of the cold water. That kid is a fish!

And of course PJ, she had a great time playing in the water and digging in the sand. I have a funny picture of her crying her eyes out that almost posted, maybe next time.

It is a beautiful day out today, 32C and a nice breeze. I can't spend it on the computer so I am going to step outside and play with kids. Or I might give in and have a nap. We are thinking of taking the kids to see a movie tonight, if Q will lay down with me that might keep him awake at the movie.


Shannon said...

The camping photos are beautiful.

angie, party of one said...

What movie?

Wudas said...

I want to go camping!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words Ms. Kelly!
Your kids adorable as they should be. Stay well......Sandi

Michael Robert Pollard said...

32C, you really have become a canadian havent you?

I would but i cant give up baseball.