Friday, January 16, 2009

10 days...

...since my last post. I have the best intentions and so much going on that I want to share. I am finding by the end of the day I just want to unplug. I don't turn on the computer, the TV, I don't even open a book, I am not really sure what I do.

We have been undergoing a lot of changes at the office. We added another massage therapist and this is good for us...but we are jammed packed in there. It raises a whole set of problems that need to be handled on the fly. Growing pains...totally glad to be having growing pains in this economic environment so I am enjoying every problem I am dealing with.

How can I make this short so I don't bore you to tears? We have always sub-leased (they pay a flat monthly rent) to the RMT's in our office (registered massage therapist). This gives them a great deal and has worked out well for us, the thing is with me working more I am losing $$ on the room my RMT rents. I can make more $$ if I use it myself and Paul and I each run 2 rooms apiece.

When we hired our new RMT (started in Jan) we have him as a subcontract. We take a % and he gets the rest, we cut him a check twice a month on payday with the rest of the staff room now makes me $$. Old RMT has a really good deal and has been getting lots of stuff she does not pay for (laundry, reception benefits from out marketing...and tons more) we are changing her sub-lease to a contract that is more fair for us and she is NOT HAPPY about it. We are seeking compromise but this is a bit stressful for everyone.

Let's go back to the new RMT, he has contracted for services such as reception, laundry, billing and more...we are happy to provide it but we are working with staff to get proceedures in place and it makes more work for staff.

I went out to today and bought a new (my first front loader) washer/dryer for the office to accomodate all the laundry the RMT's generate. (I bought a pair for at home too! OUCH for the pocket book, great deal when you by two pairs) And guess what? The fridge at the office crapped out yesterday so I bought a new one of those today too (great deal $300)

After I bought it Paul checked the old looks like it may have been unplugged. Do you laugh your ass off or pour yourself a shot? I am not sure.

Lots more at the office...we are trying to buy a building this year, we are actively looking, this takes time and energy. We are having a new billing program go in that will accommodate more practitioners, this will great and efficient, will keep me from having to hire more reception as we grow...(um like right now) we need a new computer built for the office we have let several computer places in town know what we need and are awaiting quotes.

Squeaky wheel at the office amongst my staff-she thinks she should be paid more than everyone else and has worked the least amount of time for me. I respect (sort of) what she is saying but can't do it. Staff meeting to iron that all out and clear the air.

Have I mention the parking problem? We are so busy with lots of people working for us...we are all out of parking spots. All wonderful stuff, I am enjoying the process of growing and love what the future is looking like for us but we are hopping busy right now. That is why I have not been turning on my computer at night.

Sebastian's birthday party is all planned for tomorrow. I will tell you about it then. Shmoo is not doing well, lost her sight last night quite suddenly. Vet tomorrow...I will keep you posted.

I need to get an early dinner on the table so I am going to roll. The boys are off to a birthday party for a few hours and we are taking PJ and her BFF Christina to the Blazer game. We manage to squeeze in a lot of fun between all the work!


Shannon said...

Sounds like you've been really busy. I hope that things settle down for you soon.

Kelly O said...

As long as the bust is of a positive nature I don't mind it to much.

I thinking ahead to our relaxing camping week!

Wudas said...

Sigh, I'm tired just reading it!