Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big Boy Room

Every once in a while I go into the kids rooms and clean them out. I wait until the kids are at school and I really CLEAN them out. I throw away a lot of crap, I give a way a lot of crap and I get them organized.

Last week it was Sebastian's turn. His room was pretty clean already but I was having trouble him staying up late and reading in his bed. I wanted to move things around so that his books were less accessible for him, he could to easily pull one of the shelf and I would never know it. He will stay up until 10 or 11 at night reading and then be crabby and tired the following day. (I have no idea where this trait comes from)

As I began to pull furniture away from the walls I realized what a mess his walls were. Full of dings and paint chips and what not I thought it was time for a paint job. Classic how a room clean out turns into a weekend project isn't it?

I picked the kids up at school Friday afternoon and took them down to the hardware store. I took Sebastian to the paint isle and asked him what her would like his room to look like. He took a quick look around and pulled a neon green paint chip off the wall. "I want it painted this colour."

I didn't figure his colour choice would help him sleep any better than reading did. I tried to find a middle ground that he would be happy with.

He decided he wanted to paint an "army room." So we did. He picked out a few colours and this is what we came up with:

I even managed to get his dresser and some shelves painted for him. It was done by Sunday evening if you can imagine. He is very happy with and except for putting the shelves back up and finding some army hooks it is ready to go. I have been waiting for the shelves to get good dry and Sebastian has been thinking about where he wants them. I am hoping to put them up tonight.

This all snowballs of course, now PJ would like a room "full of stars" (I am thinking of stealing Shannon and Will's glow in the dark paint idea for that one!) and Quentin wants a "race car room"

It looks I am going to very busy over the next few months!


Shannon said...

Sebastain's room looks cool! Any chance you have a free weekend to come down here and do a room or two here?

wilsajedi said...

Taylor's room needs a paint job. It's amazing how a little paint can totally transform a room. The trick now is to keep it that way.

angie, party of one said...

Wow, that is really cool!

Wudas said...

That looks fabulous! Great job. Love the bright green background.

I'd look for a place for chalkboard paint. I think that stuff is cool.