Saturday, April 11, 2009


We took the kids dirt biking last weekend and again on Friday. What a blast.

Here are PJ and Sebass on a little quad just right the size for them. They are blowing through the puddles and having a great time.

When we went on Friday Sebass spent a lot of time on his dirt bike and not as much on the quad. I have never seen do as well as he did on Friday, he went at his own pace and just cruized around having a great time. I watched him for a long time and he was using a lot of the techniques we learned in the dirt bike course we took at the end of last summer. Very cool.

PJ and Q have tried the little dirt bike a time or two, but both are more comfortable on the little quad.

I would type more but I am computered out. It took me a while today but I finally read through the 100+ resumes I have had emailed to me and I rewarded myself with too much Zuma time. I finally made it past the 6th level and found level 7 much easier, but I got tired and have not made it through yet.

Okay, totally random post tonight. Sorry about that, a little punchy and tired.


dwgnldy said...

Where's the snow? Looks like you took some California dryness back with you. would appear to me the kids traded one kind of mud puddle for another. Glad to see they haven't lost their touch at getting crusty. LOL!

Wudas said...

Nice post sometimes in the tired ones I get to the point more quickly and fit more stuff in. Any luck finding that perfect employee?

Shannon said...

Did you have to hose the kids off afterward?