Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mystery Sock

I got my yarn ready for the Mystery Sock KAL. I picked out the yarn and swatched for the project a few weeks ago. My pictures are out of order and the green colour of the yarn is washed out a bit in the top picture.

Today I divided the yarn into two balls and strung the beads on the yarn. All I need is the pattern. I know it uses a cast-on techinique that I don't know yet. I may practice it a bit tonight...but I doubt it.

I will share more about the socks when I know more!


Wudas said...

Nice. We work this at the same time it will be interesting.

dwgnldy said...

That's really pretty yarn. Great color and you matched the beads almost to the tee.

Is it warm and toasty in Canada yet? We're looking at 5 days of rain starting today. Ewwwww.....

Shannon said...

Mom sent me the link, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

It's been nothing but wind, rain and thunder storms here in Oklahoma City.