Monday, July 27, 2009

Many Moons Ago

I am not sure how many weekends ago I took these pictures. These are from a Saturday morning we packed up the dirt bikes and the quads and took the kids out. We parked about 10K (6miles) from this lake and unloaded the bikes.

These pictures are really out of order so bear with me. This is a little snake we saw sunning at the lake.

Huge foot print at the same lake; I would I guess this is moose print. I am wearing a big huge boot in this picture and I have big feet myself, ladies 10. That is a big print.

The kids and husband are mine, the dog is not. It was up there with some guy that was fishing apparently we were way more fun than his owner.

Ah, here is the start of this whole post. We started here and rode in 10K. PJ rode with me on the back of the big quad. Q rode with Paul and Sebass rode his own bike the entire way. The younger kids get worn out on such a long ride, their hands get sore and and then it is to hard for them to work the hand brakes. Not good, so we switched things around for safety. We had a great day. Sebastian was amazing on his bike but pretty beat when we got back to the truck.


Sugar said...

Nice pictures. It's good to have something everyone loves to do especially if the kids have fun and get tired.

Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a good time.