Friday, July 31, 2009

This and That

Our view out the front window has not been at its best this week. Normally I can see down to the bottom of the valley and you can see the river snaking its way along the valley floor. I took this photo at about 8:30 in the morning on a beautiful 95 degree day.

We are socked in with smoke from surrounding forest fires. We are safe and this point no structures are in danger with any of the many fires in burning in our fire district.

We are hot and dry and our forests are full of dead brown dry trees due to the pine beetle.

I took this picture halfway down the hill on my way to work on the same morning. You can Google BC Wildfires and a great web site will come up that will show you the fires in BC it will even link you to Map Quest so you can see where the fires are.

Yesterday upon arriving to work I had one of pts. ask me if that was my van out back. I told him it was and he asked me if realized my license plate had been stolen. Apparently it was taken sometime the night before, either while I was at the YMCA downtown for a workout or in our driveway while I was sawing logs.

Either way it cost me $18 buck for replacement plates. I can't tell you how annoying it was that I had to pay for replacements. It is not as if I stole my own plates.

The funny thing is, I could have been stopped by the police and picked up for driving a stolen car. I reported the plates missing and then drove to BCAA to replace them. I got lucky and did not get puled over on the way there.

George and Judy come into town this evening and we are off to Kewolna for the annual family reunion. Should be a great time. Have a good weekend!


Shannon said...

I hope that the air quality improves soon.

dwgnldy said...

Scott and Dave always laugh at me because I can smell a fire long before anyone else can. I say it's because my nostrils are smaller than theirs so I'm pushing more condensed air through and can smell tiny bits of odor. LOL!

I know mother nature knows what she's doing when she starts a fire and hope arson isn't involved in yours. Anywho....hope they get everything under control soon.

Sugar said...

I have a keen sense of smell also. Maybe the fires will finish off those darn beetles.