Tuesday, October 06, 2009


The kids tell me one of their favorite things about from Dad and Corrine is story time with Corinne. They are captivated books, which I think is very cool.

My pictures are a bit out of order here, this one should be somewhere further down. Some how I thought I had pictures posted that I did not and then when I posted one another disappeared. I think my computer is doing what I tell it to do not what I want it to do.

I think I have been trying for post for about a week now. Every time I fire up my computer either I get sucked into reading everyone's wonderful blog posts or I have technical difficulty, or someone tells me I have a patient waiting, or a kid needs help with homework. I think you get the idea, the blogger gods are not with me.

I took these pictures when Dad and Corinne were here for a visit, Dad came out for a dirt bike ride with us, we had a great time. My pictures are bit out of order so clearly that's one of Paul not Dad. I love the dirt bike shadow in the picture below, I don't know why.

Here's Dad on the quad. He only took for a short spin by himself. It was so funny when we started out I asked him if he wanted me to drive it or if he wanted to, he said he wanted me to drive first. So he gets on the quad in the seat in the back and as I am climbing on the front to give him a ride he said, "This is just weird." I laughed.

I started up the quad and put it into gear and dad leaned forward and and yelled through the helmet, "Kelly, if you kill me I'll haunt you forever." I laughed so hard. We did a little ride up to this small lake and a look around.

The water was the lowest we have ever seen it, there is usually an island in the middle of the lake and we could walk right out onto the island without ever getting our feet wet. The kids had a blast chasing little frogs all over the place.

Dad said he spent the first half of his time on the quad holding on for dear life and then about halfway through he realized there was a seven year old on a little quad in front of us leading the way and he began to relax and really enjoy himself. I am glad he decided to come out with us.

When we go out dirt biking for us is about having a great time and day out with family, we are not out there trying to go as fast as we can racing one another. (If I can keep the boys from racing one another as they get older and more competitive I will be doing well)

(My post seemed to jump all over this time, it took three sittings for me to write it, so it might be a bit confusing)


Wudas said...

Those aren't the pictures I was watching for!

dwgnldy said...

I knew the guy on the quad was your dad right away. I recognize that skinny leg. Hahahaha! At first I thought you said it was Paul and I shook my head and went....that's Dave.

Sounds like it was a great visit. I can't believe the old Harley dude didn't want to drive around on one of the dirt bikes or quad. Guess he just wants....more power! LOL!

Thanks for the post. I was starting to get concerned you were sick or something. Your blog is the only way I can keep up with what your doing.

Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.