Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Fish Tale

I can't remember if I posted about Sebastian catching his first fish or if I just thought about so hard I think I did it. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Often I have to ask Paul if I spoke to him about something I intended to share with him or if I just got to the thinking about part and stalled out.

Okay, swung a little off topic there. A while ago SeaBass and Paul went fishing and SeaBass (hehe) caught his first fish. He decided he likes catching them but is not so interested in eating them. So they decided they would go back out and catch release.

Q decided he would like to try fishing as well. (PJ and I stayed home for some girlie time, we painted our nails and did a princess puzzle together)

Below is Q with a nice sized first fish and huge smile on his face. He was totally jazzed when he came home. Paul said they had a blast.

SeaBass caught a couple as well. I think Paul caught one too, the kids were sure to let me know that they caught larger fish than their Daddy.

A Little Rant:

In BC there is a lot of government talk about the recession and the cuts that need to be made to keep the deficit from getting out of control before we start having the same problems that the US is having. We are experiencing a recession here, but not as bad as the US at this point in time.

The government feels that one of the solutions is to make cuts (surprise). It seems to be a government consensus that the school system would be a great place for cuts. Let me give you a bit of background.

There are less people in Canada than there are in the state of CA. BC is a whole lot of land, with not a huge population, which means there a whole lot of rural communities. Many of these rural have small schools so that the children don't need to bus in from far away to get an education.

The plan the BC government is coming up with means closing many of these rural community schools and having many of these children bus as for as one hour to school. Can you imagine your child spending two hours of his or her day on a bus and then getting home and trying to get homework done, or play a sport? How about getting your eight year old out of bed an hour earlier to get then to school on time? How about the danger of busing children long distances on snow covered winter roads? How about the cost of busing these children and maintaining the winter roads to get them to school safely?

Here's my beef: BC is hosting the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver. Wonderful for press and tourism and general exposure for all the wonderful things BC has to offer. Our government has spent millions and millions of dollars to build housing for the Olympic athletes, millions on large venues for the athletes to compete, millions on law enforcement, security, advertising and so much more that comes along with hosting an event of this magnitude.

What I want to know: I don't understand a government that can justify spending millions and millions of dollars on hosting a world event when they cant take care of their youth.

It makes me angry as a tax payer, why don't I get to choose how I want my tax dollar spent? Isn't it more important to invest in our children and future of this and any country than it is on the Olympics?

Okay rant over.


Shannon said...

Governments always want to cut money for education before they cut anything else. My theory is they want to dumb down the people so they can get us to vote how ever they want. I think the education system should always be the last place they cut money from.

Wudas said...

I agree with Shannon. I guess crappy politics rules just about everywhere.

Nice fishing, kids! It's a good thing I'm not there, I would eat them! I love fish and the fresher the better. I'm not too crazy about catching them.

angie, party of one said...

I always wish I could decide where my tax dollars should go. They sure wouldn't go to a war!

dwgnldy said...

Love the fishing pictures. I'm with SB. I catch and release. Since I'm not a fish eater, I think it's the sane thing to do. It drove Dave and his cousin nuts when we were in Idaho. I caught all the fish and then let them go. It was great!

Ohhhh....there's some serious dumbing down of Americans going on these days. It's been happening slowly but it seems to be expediting lately.

Politicians are into extortion. That's what I call budget cuts. They go for parks, schools, law enforcement, fire etc. It's a "Play the game by my rules for I'll make you pay."

That's where dumbing down comes into play. Everyone hates what's happening and how we're being screwed over but they're convinced it's everyone elses representatives doing it.

I'm going to put my X in a lot of boxes in hopes of kicking some career politcians out of office. Yep...mine are just as greedy and guilty.

Remember....Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Tausher etc were elected on my watch. I was stupid and thought women would make a difference.

Greed, corruption and selfishness does not discriminate. It runs in men and women.

dwgnldy said...

Ohhh...Scott and Heather used to get to the bus stop at 6:30 a.m. School is 18 minutes away and started at 8:15. They got home around 4:30.

I gave up and finally car pooled with a couple of other moms so my kids could have a life outside of school.

JustApril said...

Yaay for the fishing!

As for the rant. It really seems sometimes that they (collectively all over the world) can't make a right decision or even one that makes sense.

dwgnldy said...

Okay...okay....Christmas has come and gone. How about some pictures of the kids and snow?