Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tons of Fun

What a fun day we had around here.

I got up this morning and drove out to this huge beautiful ranch, they have over 80 horses there. I was asked if I would come up and adjust a couple them. I had the pleasure of working with Copper and Champ, they are both sweet animals and did really well with the care.

I then went to meet Paul and the kids at the ski hill, I took a few pictures of the kids skiing, but I have not had time to download them yet. I will try to download them Sunday...we will see how that goes. I have time now, but I am a bit lazy.

After skiing we all went tubing. What a blast. The ski hill has a tow cable that pulls the tube up the hill as you sit in it. When you get the top the tube unhooks and then you get to ride the tube down the hill. I was surprised at how fast you get going they lay out hay and rubber mats to slow you down at the bottom of the slope. It was a lot of fun, but the lines moved a bit slow, I would like to go again sometime when there are less people there. I know the tubing hill is open at night, I think that would be even more fun.

By the time we made it home the kids were worn out to the point of grumpy. I went downtown and adjusted our local WHL hockey team before their game tonight. Paul stayed home to catch up on paperwork from the office. We often stay and watch the game after, but the kids are to tired to sit through it tonight, so I am listening to it on the radio. It is silly how happy it makes me to hear one of the players I adjusted score a goal.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big Boy Room

Every once in a while I go into the kids rooms and clean them out. I wait until the kids are at school and I really CLEAN them out. I throw away a lot of crap, I give a way a lot of crap and I get them organized.

Last week it was Sebastian's turn. His room was pretty clean already but I was having trouble him staying up late and reading in his bed. I wanted to move things around so that his books were less accessible for him, he could to easily pull one of the shelf and I would never know it. He will stay up until 10 or 11 at night reading and then be crabby and tired the following day. (I have no idea where this trait comes from)

As I began to pull furniture away from the walls I realized what a mess his walls were. Full of dings and paint chips and what not I thought it was time for a paint job. Classic how a room clean out turns into a weekend project isn't it?

I picked the kids up at school Friday afternoon and took them down to the hardware store. I took Sebastian to the paint isle and asked him what her would like his room to look like. He took a quick look around and pulled a neon green paint chip off the wall. "I want it painted this colour."

I didn't figure his colour choice would help him sleep any better than reading did. I tried to find a middle ground that he would be happy with.

He decided he wanted to paint an "army room." So we did. He picked out a few colours and this is what we came up with:

I even managed to get his dresser and some shelves painted for him. It was done by Sunday evening if you can imagine. He is very happy with and except for putting the shelves back up and finding some army hooks it is ready to go. I have been waiting for the shelves to get good dry and Sebastian has been thinking about where he wants them. I am hoping to put them up tonight.

This all snowballs of course, now PJ would like a room "full of stars" (I am thinking of stealing Shannon and Will's glow in the dark paint idea for that one!) and Quentin wants a "race car room"

It looks I am going to very busy over the next few months!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Goodbyes are always so hard aren't they?

To allow Shmoo to depart from this life with the dignity she always had during it I had to have her euthanized this morning. She was 20 years old. She has been with me for more than half my life. I know I did the right thing and she was ready to move on, but I will miss her terribly.

I have so much in my head and heart as I think about her today that I am at loss on many levels.

Friday, January 16, 2009

10 days...

...since my last post. I have the best intentions and so much going on that I want to share. I am finding by the end of the day I just want to unplug. I don't turn on the computer, the TV, I don't even open a book, I am not really sure what I do.

We have been undergoing a lot of changes at the office. We added another massage therapist and this is good for us...but we are jammed packed in there. It raises a whole set of problems that need to be handled on the fly. Growing pains...totally glad to be having growing pains in this economic environment so I am enjoying every problem I am dealing with.

How can I make this short so I don't bore you to tears? We have always sub-leased (they pay a flat monthly rent) to the RMT's in our office (registered massage therapist). This gives them a great deal and has worked out well for us, the thing is with me working more I am losing $$ on the room my RMT rents. I can make more $$ if I use it myself and Paul and I each run 2 rooms apiece.

When we hired our new RMT (started in Jan) we have him as a subcontract. We take a % and he gets the rest, we cut him a check twice a month on payday with the rest of the staff room now makes me $$. Old RMT has a really good deal and has been getting lots of stuff she does not pay for (laundry, reception benefits from out marketing...and tons more) we are changing her sub-lease to a contract that is more fair for us and she is NOT HAPPY about it. We are seeking compromise but this is a bit stressful for everyone.

Let's go back to the new RMT, he has contracted for services such as reception, laundry, billing and more...we are happy to provide it but we are working with staff to get proceedures in place and it makes more work for staff.

I went out to today and bought a new (my first front loader) washer/dryer for the office to accomodate all the laundry the RMT's generate. (I bought a pair for at home too! OUCH for the pocket book, great deal when you by two pairs) And guess what? The fridge at the office crapped out yesterday so I bought a new one of those today too (great deal $300)

After I bought it Paul checked the old looks like it may have been unplugged. Do you laugh your ass off or pour yourself a shot? I am not sure.

Lots more at the office...we are trying to buy a building this year, we are actively looking, this takes time and energy. We are having a new billing program go in that will accommodate more practitioners, this will great and efficient, will keep me from having to hire more reception as we grow...(um like right now) we need a new computer built for the office we have let several computer places in town know what we need and are awaiting quotes.

Squeaky wheel at the office amongst my staff-she thinks she should be paid more than everyone else and has worked the least amount of time for me. I respect (sort of) what she is saying but can't do it. Staff meeting to iron that all out and clear the air.

Have I mention the parking problem? We are so busy with lots of people working for us...we are all out of parking spots. All wonderful stuff, I am enjoying the process of growing and love what the future is looking like for us but we are hopping busy right now. That is why I have not been turning on my computer at night.

Sebastian's birthday party is all planned for tomorrow. I will tell you about it then. Shmoo is not doing well, lost her sight last night quite suddenly. Vet tomorrow...I will keep you posted.

I need to get an early dinner on the table so I am going to roll. The boys are off to a birthday party for a few hours and we are taking PJ and her BFF Christina to the Blazer game. We manage to squeeze in a lot of fun between all the work!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Bit Late

I have not gotten around to posting any Christmas pictures...until now.

These are from Christmas Eve at the neighbors house. The kids opened the gifts from Darryl and Mom while we were over there.

They love the Zoobies as you can see by these pictures.

They were a huge hit with the all the neighborhood kids that we got them for as well. My Zoobie is well loved too, she sits on the couch in the front room. I even caught Paul laying down with her once!

We are back to our work routine and the kids are back to school. PJ cracks me up, when I asked her what she missed most about about school she said, "My friends and math." Huh? she must get the love of math from her dad. I can balance a checkbook and all but I don't love the stuff.

Kind of a random post. I am feeling better but still have serious brain drain by the end of the day. I think it is time to go snuggle up with a giraffe and a good book.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Birds of a Feather

When we were down by the river for the Polar Bear Swim I was surprised to see we have 3 pairs of swans wintering here.

After asking around I understand they have been coming here to spend their winters for several years now. To me they seem incongruous with the snow falling around them.

When I think of swans I always think of ones that live in Disneyland. It sparks my imagination to think I could be sharing swans with Mickey Mouse.

To answer mom's question I posted the picture the women making their dash over the ice to the waters edge. It looks like they are cheating the cold by wearing tights, but don't be fooled those are fishnets and I can't imagine they provide much in the way of insulation. I did not post the picture with the last batch because I was not happy with the lighting in it. I could have brightened it up a bit for you...but frankly I am kind of lazy today.

I have had a bit of a nasty head cold/sinus infection since the day after Christmas and I every time I think I have recovered I get bogged down with some body fatigue. Monday we return to our regular routines so I hope to feel better by then.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Polar Bears

We went downtown at noon today for the Polar Bear Swim. It happens every year, but this is the first year we had a reason to go.

Pablo and his current host father, Greg some how got roped into the swim today. I don't know the whole story, but I believe Pablo was volunteered by another Rotarian and then the whole thing turned into a fund raiser. If $1000 was raised for a charity then Greg agreed to swim as well. Naturally the club raised the money.

They both turned out to do the swim but lady luck it seems was on their side. You remember how cold it was a week ago? Well it has frozen over some of the river (the most I have ever seen frozen). I guess by the time you walk out on the ice to jump in the water is about 10 feet deep. It was decided by the city that the conditions were unsafe to do the swim. There was concern about the ice breaking and about the swimmers being able to get out the water once they were in.

Pablo and Greg did earn the $$ anyway, they rolled around in the snow in their swimsuits. As you can see in the picture above it was cold enough for Pablo.

We had fun playing in the park for a little bit. It is a nice day to play outside, about -5C and snowing. Very pretty and mild.

Some folks decided not to heed the safety warning and go for it anyway. I snapped a picture of this guy thinking I might be capturing the picture to accompany the Darwin award for 2009, nice to have that out of the way early in the year.

I like the idea of wrapping a rope around his middle. Ouch. He was able to get in and out on his own accord. And others followed. Lemmings.

Pablo and Greg after snow diving:

A picture of the railroad bridge I have never been able to get before. I am standing 10 feet out on the iced river to take it.