Monday, April 12, 2010

Double Edged Sword

I have been a quiet again, I know.

Two of our staff members lost their husbands to cancer last week. A bit of a rough go around here. It was crazy how it all occurred:

Both of their wives work for us (we only have 4 employees)
Both men worked for local car dealerships
They were diagnosed within weeks of one another
They moved into hospice care within 3 days of one another
They passed away only 18 hours apart from one another.
I am so thankful they did not have to suffer any longer.

The only thing I know to do is love my family like there is no tomorrow. The only lesson I can take from this is to let go of all the little crap I tend to hold on to and live life as fully as I can.

I love you all and fuck you cancer.


Wudas said...


dwgnldy said...

A person who goes that fast from cancer is truly blessed. It's such a horrendous disease that eats away at you little by little. If you can die from it fast, I know this sounds strange but you're very lucky.

Yep, ya gotta let the little stuff go and concentrate on today and tomorrow.

Never go to bed mad.

Tell your kids everyday, you love them.

Tell your spouse everyday you live him/her.

Don't let the jerks in life get to you. I believe in karma and they'll get theirs in the end.

Open your eyes in the morning and be in a good mood. God gave you another day with your loved ones.

yummy mummy said...

Kelly..saw your sad about the people in your office....hang in there!

I know absolutely ziltch about I dont even know why I read through all of it...but you made me have a witty style ! I like it. Keep up your blog !

Style Canvas said...

I chanced upon your blog as it was the next page after mine.

It is sad that it has to happen to both your staff.

You have a positive outlook and I am sure you will be able to help them get through the difficult times.

It's important to live life to the fullest and have no regrets.

Take care!