Monday, May 31, 2010


Spring is doing it's best to come to our neck of the woods. I think the day I took these photos was the only sunshine we have seen in weeks. We are getting rain the past two weeks, which is good, we are in desperate need of it.

Last fall I was in some store and they had a big bag of 40 or 50 tulip bulbs for something like $5.00. They were clearing out the last of the fall bulbs. I have always wanted to plant bulbs in the fall and have always been to done with gardening at the end of the season o bother.

When I saw the bulbs so cheap I thought, "For that price I can't be lazy" This spring I am so happy I planted them. They make me smile every time I am in the backyard.

The yellow ones all came up first, but now (I took these pictures a few weeks ago) there are some red, pink and white mixed with purple.

I don't think things have changed much around here, but for some reason I feel busier that usual. I keep telling myself I should feel less busy as the kids are long done with hockey and power skating wrapped up a few weeks ago. Sebass is the only one that decided to play soccer he has practice once a week and a game once a week, he is really enjoying it and seems to be a natural athlete.

Work has been busy, we added another massage therapist to the office and have now officially outgrown our space. Paul has spent all his spare time (haha) putting up some more walls in the office, turning some of the waiting room space into another exam room. He is in the process now of moving an existing wall, ripping out a sink and trying to magically make our office bigger.

We did our first camping trip of the season last weekend and went up to Wells Grey Park, we had a lot of rain up there, so we spent a lot time warming ourselves by the campfire and playing with the kids. It is always so good to get out and away from things for a bit.


Wudas said...

Even camping in the rain is a good thing. If you have an awning on your trailer it's even better. Some of my favorite trips were in the rain.

Shannon said...

Nice to see to hear from you again. I'm glad that things are going well for you.

angie, party of one said...

I love tulips, so very pretty.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

I love that little tinge of red on the edges of your tulips - so very pretty.

dwgnldy said...

Boy I know what you mean. The more I work, it seems the less I get done.

The tulips are beautiful. I love the little red touch of color in them.

fuzziekit said...

The tulips are beautiful... and trust me I know tulips. Being lazy with flowers is great and that was a good deal.
I adored camping and even in the rain it can be great fun.