Friday, February 11, 2011


I am sure you noticed (or not) the Traditional Danish Shawl listed over there on your left in the "On the Needles" portion of this blog. Has been sitting at 99% done for ages. In a very mild case of finishupitis I pulled it out of the basket to have a look. I thought it half way bound off and needed to be finished up. I was surprised to see the only thing it needed was crochet ties on it. Less than 5 minutes worth of crafting!

I finished it up and have been wearing it every evening since. I love it. It is warm and soft, perfect for keeping my shoulders warm while I knit in the evenings. I don't know if you remember but it is knit out of the hand spun that Shannon gifted me for my birthday. Which makes it more delicious.

I tried to use every yard of the yarn she spun up and I came pretty darn close:

On another note we have had the flu bug on and off, PJ had been feeling very poorly for weeks maybe even a month, complaining of abdominal pain and general acheiness. She was also extremely grumpy and very sensitive, I was quite worried about her. I am glad to report that she is back to her normal cheerful self. I think it was a combination of things, and am now left wondering if this lingering flu bug was a big part of it.

Q and I have it now, he has missed 3 days of school this week and I missed two days of work. I understand how PJ felt, I swear this thing just makes you feel all around crummy. The stomach ache I can handle, but the headache is nasty and it has generally made me sensitive and crabby to boot. I put everyone on Vitamin D to help the winter Blues, we have not seen the sun around these parts for ages. The Vitamin D made an immediate difference everyone's mood and energy levels. I am calling it the happy pill.

Everyone seems on the mend, but this is a bug that seems to come and go for weeks at time. I am hearing lots of people say it has taken them three weeks to a month to really feel good again. That appears to be the pattern I am seeing around our household, so I am making sure everyone is getting some extra rest and eating well. On that note, I was sick on grocery day so I need to get off to the store before I meal planning with only a can of coconut milk and black beans left in cabinets. Ick


Shannon said...

I love your shawl, it's beautiful! I hope that everyone feels better soon.

dwgnldy said...

Coconut mil and canned beans. Hmmmmm sounds like an interesting soup in the making. Ewwww.

The shawl is beautiful. I love the shape of it. It should look very attractive hugging your shoulders.

Keep the flu bug up there and don't share. There are certain things you're all owed to be selfish with. The flu bug is one of them.

Wudas said...

The shawl came out beautifully. I love mine too. My handspun was not nearly as nice as Shannon's but it's some of my first and I love it anyway.

Yup. Nasty stuff, that flu. We had it some time ago and it was weeks before we felt right. But once it was gone,that was it for the year. So you have that to look forward to.

Wudas said...

I just read the Yarn Harlot's blog and I just want to type this: penis.