Monday, February 28, 2011

Weight and Balance

You remember the crochet squares I have been working on? They are still coming along. I needed only 12 for the bag I had planned for them but I still have yarn left so I am well over 12 by now. Mom had a great a idea that I use to make a baby blanket for a friend of mine that is expecting baby number four. I am thinking that idea is looking better and better with every square.

I had three small balls of of some yarn I have been using for the stash busting project. I was sure the balls were just a little a to small to t make a square, but I thought it would be close. I decided to get out the scale and check it out. First I weighed a completed square:

Then I weighed the green ball:

Then I weighed the last of the pink:

Then a weighed the small ball of yellow:

I could not believe that all the bits of leftover skeins weighed the same. It made me laugh.

I am late in writing the post so you will be happy to know the balls are all crocheted up into little squares already and there was of course, just of enough of each colour to complete a square. It was destiny from the beginning.

(I don't really know where the balance comes in as far as my title goes, I just thought it would give mom some flashbacks from her old job)


Shannon said...

Will we get to see the completed squares or project?

Wudas said...

Is that all cotton or is is wool?

dwgnldy said...

You couldn't have gotten those little balls so close in weight if you were trying. What are the odds.

I like all the colors. They're very pretty.