Sunday, January 15, 2012

Changing the World

One knitter at a time:

The picture is Deb's daughter LB, she just celebrated he1 11th birthday. PJ and discussed what we should give this lovely lady for turning 11 we hummed and we hawed, and then a light bulb went off over our heads. LB has mentioned in passing to both PJ and myself that she would like to learn to knit.

PJ and I went down to Micheal's armed with very important information, LB's favorite colours for example. PJ went hog wild and picked out two very pretty yarns and the needles she thought LB might like, she even picked out a little notions case, darning needles and a small pair of scisiors. We came home and PJ carefully wrapped everything up and tucked in a knitting bag, wrapping it with a bow and making a card. She walked herself down to the sleepover birthday party, where the gift was a hit.

So much so that the next afternoon there were four young ladies in the Kissing Cave asking if PJ and I would teach them all how to knit. Supper cool.

A bit spinning all done up and ready to knit. Shannon and Mom will recoginze it as that sample pack of camlid fibers from the Brown Sheep Festival. It is soft and sweet, and I had to get if off my niddy-noddy so I could load it with another finished fiber.

I ment to post this last week but got sucked into spending my time off writing reports for work, my least favorite part of my job. On the up side, only one more report to go...


Wudas said...

So how are the knitting lessons going?

Shannon said...

Pretty yarn.

dwgnldy said...

What a wonderful idea for a birthday present. Knitting is a lost art and you're teaching a new generation how to do it. That's great!