Monday, January 02, 2012

The Feet We Meet

I believe that Dr. Seuss gets the credit for the tittle of today's post. If my memory serves me correctly it is a line (I think the last line) from The Foot Book, one of my favorites. (By the way I had to ask SeaBass how to the good Doctor's name was spelled, he knew and I did not!)

Can you tell which legs belong to which kid? Mom knit up these socks for the kids Christmas gifts. They love them, they have an appreciation for hand made goods and they ask me to knit them socks with some frequency, so a perfect gift. They seem to really like that the socks don't match perfectly, they also enjoy that are really slippery on the tile and laminate, they are doing more sliding than walking down the hallways.

Mom sent me a text not to long prior to Christmas asking for the kids shoe sizes, I can tell you these socks flew off her needles. Three pairs I think in as many weeks, and all my kids wear adult sized shoes, PJ and Q are about a women's size 5 or 6 and SeaBass is a women's size 7/8ish.

I am hoping to have this all spun up by the end of the day today, it would make it my fastest spinning thus far. The fiber you see in the photo is all there is left to spin, should be easy to do this evening, except for the fact that my hands are little bit sore from spinning the past two days. I think that is more the function of the weather here than anything, we are unusually warm and have been all winter that means it is not near as dry as it usually is which equals sore hands I am guessing the moisture in the air aggravates the joints a little bit. Here's to hoping it cools off a bit more, and snow would be great too.

P.S. Mom, I remember the case but the kindle fire itself funny that knitting project stuck in my head but not the kindle.


Wudas said...

I'm glad the kids love the socks. I did do some non-stop knitting to get them out to you. Now I can knit them each just one sock for their birthdays if I run out of time and it will go perfectly with the socks they have. I haven't figured it out yet.

I want to start some spinning as well. Soon. Really soon.

dwgnldy said...

Just imagine those feet running in circles really fast. It would like like one of those little hand windmill things you blow on and make the blades spin. It would make this old gal dizzy!

I love the skinny little legs. Hahahahaha!

The yarn is turning out beautifully.