Thursday, May 11, 2006

California Photos

I thought I would start sharing some of the pictures from the trip to California. There are lots of them to share so I will pace myself.

I took this picture for the Canadians I know and love: check out the price of Guinness!! And just so you know, it tastes better at this price. Oh yeah, do you know where I bought it? The grocery store in Patterson, it was right there next to the cheese.

One of my favorite wines and see how reasonably priced it is? Also found at your corner market.

Some pictures of the kids. This one is Sebastian and PJ, they are having a great time on the swing set at mom's house. We all had tons of fun at mom's. There are lots of animals, lots of room and the weather was wonderful.

I just loved this picture of Quentin so I threw it in.

Going on a treasure hunt at Grandma Elayne's house (my mom). Grandma supplied the baskets and we were off.

It was so cool that Darryl decided to join us. He took down this nest for PJ, it was a barn swallow nest. See the eggs. They will take them down if they are empty or have eggs, but they leave them alone if there are babies in them. They take them down because the birds make a poopy mess.

I love this picture, Darryl caught red handed helping the kids pick flowers.

I will share more soon!


Shannon said...

I love the photos! Keep them coming. Have you had a chance to play with all the make up that you bought? Have you heard from Peter? Just a few questions I had for you.

angie, party of one said...

Great pics Kelly Anne! I can't wait to see more. Are you back in the groove of things yet?

Wudas said...

Great photos. The yard looks better now. It's cleaned up and the pink flowers are in full bloom.