Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm Sorry

I am sorry I have not posted the whole trip. I have no time. The kids seem to require my attention constantly. They seem to have trouble sleeping while we are on the road.

Quentin in paticular cries and cries when it comes to bed time. One night he cried until 10:30, by the time he was done I was ready for some tears of my own. We have had a great time, I will do a couple of posts about the trip over the next few days.

I am trying to get us packed up, we fly out tomorrow at 10:30, I am going to try to leave here (Dad's) by 7:30 so I have time to drop off the rental car and take the bus to the airport, deal with all the baggage and check in. It takes almost an hour just to drop off the rental car and get to the airport. I have a lot of stuff to drag along on my own and that is one reason why it takes so long.

I am waiting for the kids to settle down so I can get the packing done. Once this post is up the computer goes into the suitcase.

Today was fun, I spent the morning shopping with Shannon and the kids. Mom told me about Bare Escentials makeup and Shannon and I went to the store to check it out. Needless to say we both left looking beautiful but with are wallets a little lighter. Thanks mom. Angie we missed you, but I figured sleeping was a good reason not to be there.

I came back to Dad's and fed the kids some lunch. Then we attempted quiet time (dad is still wondering when quiet time starts) After that Corinne did some fun science stuff with the kids. Will, Morgan and Taylor came over for pizza and the kids ran around and all got all wound up. It was fun and crazy and we got some great photos.

I am sorry about the order of this post, I tried to move some pictures around and they just disappeared. I will try to post the ones I lost later (they were of the kids playing mad scientists with Corinne) I don't want to move anymore for fear of losing them, so you get them all before the text. I need to pack and try for some sleep.


Shannon said...

The line "Dad is still wondering when quiet time starts" made me laugh. That sounds like Dad.

I'm glad that everyone had a good time. We had a great time hanging out with the kids. We're going to miss guys a lot.

angie, party of one said...

I like these pictures because they show how Taylor and SeaBass became attached at the hip while you guys were here. Not only that but pictures are always good.

Wudas said...

Next time you come when it's warm maybe you can stay a day or two longer and the kids can settle in a bit more. We miss you.