Saturday, August 19, 2006

You Pick

I came home from work to an empty house yesterday. It was both weird and wonderful. I had a nice quiet evening , you pick the best part:

1. I painted the kitchen and no one was around to stick their fingers in the paint or to point out the 'missed spots' or to offer 'help'.

2. I have paint pants that I wear for all my painting chores, I have no paint shirt so I painted the kitchen in my paint pants and a bra, no one came in a said hubba hubba, no one grabbed my ass while I was standing on the counter with my arms above my head painting a corner I could barely reach, a wet paint brush in my hand.

3. My loving husband stocked the fridge with Guinness before he left and I had my favorite beer to drink while I worked.

4. The colour I painted the kitchen: BEHR Disney, Mouse Ears. Oh yeah baby my kitchen is the same colour as Mickey's ears and it looks great.


Shannon said...

I liked that you had no offers of help. When kids try to help you paint, it creates twice as much work.

I have paint pants and a paint t-shirt. I usually don't wear shoes when I paint. Some how I always track paint around the house when I wear shoes, so now I don't.

I love the image of you painting in pants and a bra. I could totally see you doing that.

Wudas said...

I to paint barefoot. That way I can tell if I step in paint. It keeps me from tracking it all over the house. Thinking 'bout painting the bedroom. Pale blue, pale green, silver, like under the sea. What do you think?

angie, party of one said...

I LOVE Mickey Mouse ears kitchen. You're my hero!!!

angie, party of one said...

Oh yeah, I wanna see pictures when blogger allows it again.

Shannon said...

Wudas, that color combination sounds nice. I think it will look very good.

Mienna said...

Sounds like a great evening, sometimes it's nice to just be able to work alone.