Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Old Pictures

I have been trying to post these pictures for you for a month now. Well I am hoping I finally have some success. These are from camping out at Kamloops Lake with the Linfield family on August long weekend. They are over a month old, but better late than never.

Finally a picture of the trailer for you:

It works just great for us, we have a place to sleep off the ground, a toilet, fridge and stove. It's the Ritz!

Here are the boys climbing their first tree:

Here are the boys having their first beer of the morning. They are coffee mugs but they are filled with Guinness and Cider. Yummy.

Sebass, hamming it up for the camera

Miss Mouse enjoying the lake:

Bass man:


The men folk:

This is a pretty little cove on the lake that Filet took us to by boat, it was such a pretty spot we stayed for a swim.

And one more view of the lake:

Now for the big test, here we go I am going to click on Publish now...


Wudas said...

Great pictures. How come we didn't see the inside of the trailer?

Anonymous said...

I can still remember our first trailer. It felt so good to be up off the ground, but it wasn't self contained. I still can't get blogger to let me type messages so will ask Wudas to come over and help me again. Now hopefully, I won't screw this up and will send my first comment successfully.

Shannon said...

Love the photos. Happy to finally see that you've posted. When we will get to see photos of the rooms that you painted?

Wudas said...

Hi Mom!