Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vegas Pictures

Judy flew home today. It was a quick trip and it is always fun to have her. I wish this trip had been a little easier on her, she spent it dealing with her mom's health issues and she did not get anytime to really go out and enjoy herself.

The kids start school in two more sleeps. They have a gradual start, they only go for an hour a day for the first three days and then they go the entire morning on Friday. Next week we should relax into our regular schedule and things just might ease up a bit around here. I am looking forward to it.

We have had a great summer and this mom is ready for school to start!

Here are some Vegas photos for you. Paul did a great job and took lots of pictures. This first one is of the Peanut having a good time by the pool. I remember filling buckets of water and sitting in them when I was a kid. This picture made me smile!

I couldn't help but post this one, I have no idea where Paul took it, but nice cactus Seabass!

Grandpa looks a little over dressed to me:

Winter Baby in Vegas:

Going nowhere fast:

Gravy train:

I have not taken any pictures of the kitchen and dining room yet, I just got these downloaded and recharged the camera. I will get there soon, I promise!


Griffin Family 2006 said...

Those pictures are great! If you have any of Auntie Judy's and Uncle George's house down there I would love to see them! Thanks!

angie, party of one said...

What a nice pool. It's so blue! I like the Vegas Meez, just like you were there. I can't wait to see the mouse ears kitchen.

Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!

Wudas said...

I hate Judy! She's wearing a two piece suit. I couldn't really do that after kids. Too many stretch marks. When is she getting old?