Friday, September 08, 2006

A Post!!!

We took the kids to the driving range on Monday afternoon. Q and Seabass did very well. I was surprised by their patience and the amount of time they spent trying to wack the golf balls. PJ would only try twice. She did find a way to keep herself amused, she helped Daddy practice by putting his golf balls on the tee for him. She would tee one up and stand back behind the yellow line and when he said it was okay she would run up and tee up another one for him. It was pretty funny.

Seabass has a better swing than I do. Take a look at the background in these photos, see how yucky the air looks? More on that in just a minute.

Q had his first day of pre-school on Tuesday and Seabass his first day of kindergarten. This week was a bit of a pain in the bum, but it will get better soon. The kids do a gradual start program where the teachers divide the class in two and half the class goes for the first hour of class and the other half goes for only the second hour of class. My kids had school from 10:00 to 11:00 the past three days.

Almost more trouble than it is worth to get them all ready, drive them to school and then turn right around and pick them up. The good news is they went from 8:30 to 11:00 today and from here on out. What will I do with myself?!?

Shannon has been posting so many pretty flowers that I thought I would join the show with some of my own:

The sweet peas are the neighbors, but they pour over our fence and smell wonderful. Notice the yucky sky in the back ground?

A kid looking for ripe tomatoes:

Here are some yucky sky pictures. There is a large fire in Washington and all the smoke is blowing our way. This is the view out the front window. As you can see we are socked in with the smoke. I am spoiled with good air here in BC and it sounds a bit silly but we are suffering a bit with all the smoke.

It has been like this all week, in fact it has gotten progressively worse. I can't wear my contacts the past day or two due to the smoke and the kids are sick because of it. They are coughing and have itchy sore eyes and runny noses.

There is good news the winds are supposed to shift and come from the North rather than the South. This might cool us down a bit and even bring some rain. Maybe even wash all that crap out of the air.

Pathetic kids:


Shannon said...

Love all the flower photos. Those pink flowers look like petunias. I love petunias because once they get started they're all over the place. That sucks that the kis only went to school for an hour. What's with that. I'm excited because both of my kids now go all day!!

Wudas said...

Yup, golf clubs all around for the boys. Maybe PJ will turn out to be a runner.

angie, party of one said...

I used to put the ball on the tee for my dad at the driving range too. Great minds think alike.